Week #1

Hello family and friends!! Szia!
The MTC is fantastic!! My p-day is on wednesdays so I got to experience being here a whole week before writing to you all!!
Right off the bat you feel that the MTC is a good place to be. They almost literally hold your hand and show you exactly where to go and what to do on the first day. I had no nerves coming in and I was right not to be nervous. The spirit is so special here and there are so many incredible people. I have a million things I want to tell you so I will type as fast as I can!
I cannot do accents yet on this computer ( I haven’t learned yet ) so any Hungarian I write will have no accents in it. “Sister” in Hungarian is “Nover” and it sort of sounds like “new-v-air” and it comes after the last name. I think Hungarian is the only language to do that :) So I am Suranyi Nover!!!!
I have two companions, Kimball Nover (great-great grandchild of Heber C. Kimball!) and Motra Richardson. Motra Richardson is going to Albania and she is a solo sister so she is the only sister in her district. So she isn’t with us for classes but lives with us and goes with us to gym and meals and church and such. I love my companions!! We get along really well and we try to continually strengthen one another and inspire one another to be strictly obedient.
It is very humbling to be here in the MTC and it is apparent how important it is to be strictly obedient to the rules. I have felt confirmations numerous times this week that the rules are not just good ideas, but that they are very important to follow. I am doing my best to follow all of them. :)
I LOVE MY DISTRICT!! (district = all the people who came into the MTC on the same day as me who are learning Hungarian and going to the same mission as me). There are 10 of us in our district. Kimball Nover and I, and 8 elders. They are incredible. We have bonded so many times this week. We have disctrict meetings where we all discuss certain topics and they are incredibly strengthening. I call them District Strengthening Sessions. The spirit is always there so strongly and we all learn from one another and grow in  love toward one another.
We have already taught lessons in Hungarian to a (an actor) investigator. It is incredibly difficult but amazing. We are teaching another one today. Kimball Nover and I have learned something each time we teach and are trying to to better each time. It is hard when we dont speak much Hungarian. haha we speak what we call “caveman” Hungarian. Where nothing is really conjugated. Haha. And for eample i was trying to say “three days ago” and I said “three yesterday”. HAHA and the first lesson we taught, we were dropped of at the classroom where the investigator was and we prayed and then walked in and sat down and started talking. Turns out we were supposed to pretend it was her house and so we pretty much “broke in” to her home hahaha. All the elders were told to knock but they forgot to tell us. :P
Ooh I found two hidden notes from people back home! Naomi hid one in my scriptures and someone hid one in one of my socks! They were exciting to find! Who hid the one in my sock?? Naomi, I am trying to get your address from my parents  so I can mail you a response :) [daddy can you get erik to talk to naomi on facebook and ask her to dear elder her address to me. It will get to me the fastest that way because dear elder comes in a day].
The elders in my district have this game where they have a list of words that they can only say in Hungarian and if they say it in English then they have to do pushups. Haha. THey are silly. But we really are trying to use the Hungarian we know. We are even praying in Hungarian! We say, “yes, no, good, bad, true”, alot in Hungarian when we talk to one another along with some other simple phrases.
Elders hold doors for Sisters here. Chivalry is not dead in the MTC!
My district leader literally JUST walked up to my and handed my some mail and a slip to pick up a package!! so I will get to read and see that some time today!! We are doing laundry right now and can email during laundry time :)
I wish I could tell you so much more but my time is almost up!
Erik, my dear brother, you will LOVE it here. It is so so so uplifting. It is so comfortable. Your schedule is extremely tight, but it is good.
I will be here for 12 weeks, that is the longest possible, but I am glad! Some elders tell us that they would go nuts to have to stay here 12 weeks but my district all agrees that we are grateful for the 12 weeks. My expected departure date is January 2nd. (so use that for dearelder or mailing me, “0102” expected departure).
I saw Hermana Mattie and Elder Scarlett for those of you who know who they are! From YSA branch in Langley :) I have seen them a couple times!!
I love you all! The gospel is true! I love it here! and i hope all is well with everyone!!
With so much love,
Suranyi Nover

In the beginning…

Hello everyone!

My dad will be posting my emails (I am only allowed to email mom and dad) to this blog, so you can know what I have been doing and how I have been feeling with my experience on my mission!

I am excited to share my thoughts and feelings with you!

Lots of love,