Week #3

Sziasztok mindenki!!! Hey everyone!!!
Ah the MTC is still being so good to me. Everyday has the potential to be incredible. And almost every single day is incredible. And if it’s not incredibly, its great or good. And its great or good because of me and not because of anything else. So this place is such a blessing. I am so lucky to be able to leave many of life’s difficulties behind and focus solely on improving myself and learning and becoming more Christlike. It sure is a hard task, but I know its right.

I have written down a few bullet points and I will type a bit about them as fast as I can! (running low on time today). There is an elder on my floor (classroom floor) who is from Belgium and is going to Greece. So I get to speak to him in French from time to time which I lalalalalove, and then speak the couple of words of Greek that I know. Did I ever mention before that we say my last name here like it is truly said in Hungarian, because it is a Hungarian last name. It is so awesome!

It seems that so many families know so much about what goes on at the MTC because they have had so many children who have already gone. Everyone has the same amount of things they need to do in a week but different districts are given different schedules. So for example different districts have their PDay on different days, that way not everyone is trying to do their laundry on the same day. And they give you a time slot for laundry on your Pday. Everyday you have gym except Sundays and PDays, it is in your schedule and you can pick what to do. I have been mostly jogging and sometimes playing volleyball. Every Tuesday there is a devotional and on Sundays there is a fireside, both at 7pm and the whole MTC attends. There are many many “branches” each made up of a few districts with whom you meet on Sundays. So there are a tonne of different sacrament meetings happening all at the same time. Each week you have to prepare a talk and then they tell you at the meeting who will be giving the talks haha. And they assign the topics. Once a week you also have a workshop which changes weekly. Everyday there is classroom instruction and language practice and such. And we do a lot of practice teaching with progressing investigators (actors) that we meet with several times over weeks. We also do personal study and companion study and planning and spiritual thoughts and other lessons and such.

Yesterday we taught each other (my district in class) in Hungarian for the first time. We have taught lots of Hungarian lessons before but never to each other. It was very fruitful. We did it one-on-one and I was matched with Bracken Elder. It was great. We were to teach each other about prayer. We took turns being the missionary/investigator. It was a very good experience and uplifting. It is really really hard to teach in a language that you barely speak, but it is amazingly helpful to practice together. You can have the spirit there even if your grammar is poor and your lexicon is small. It was great.Kimball nover and I have decided to do SYL (speak your language) dinners. So everyday at dinner time we only speak Hungarian. Our other companion does the same thing with her Albanian district, so we aren’t excluding her :P

Our ‘usis ‘(the older Hungarians here in another district) are beginning their ‘consecration week’ in a few hours. They will speak only Hungarian, csak magyarul, for the next week and also eat no sugar. We interact with them a lot so this should be a good experience. Usually you do consecration week a week before you leave the MTC it seems. They will probably learn a lot from this and we will probably do the same before we leave.
My comps and I made friends with the lady who runs our residence and she gave us Christmas lights and decorations so our room is all wonderful and decorated! When people walk by they like to stop in to look because it is so awesome!! So festive!

Ah le sigh, I wish i could tell you more.
I have a lesson to teach tonight to our investigator Bence, and tomorrow we teach at the TRC which is a super cool thing! Where volunteers (mostly members) who speak Hungarian come and then we get to teach them a lesson. Its pretty awesome! I love my teachers, I love my companions, I love my district, I love you all at home, I wish I could write more to you because I love you all so much! I love all your letters and dear elders!!!

Love, Suranyi nover