Week #5

I believe this week marks the half-way point for my time here in the MTC and I am still loving it so much here.

I believe my worries may begin to increase as my time here nears a close, but now I am feeling really good. One of the biggest worries though is learning enough. There is so much to be learned and gained and when you are not 100% focused, you miss out. Wherever some time goes wasted or not used to its fullest, I feel like I have failed. I do not become hopeless or give up, but I do feel the weight of it. So I continually strive to learn all I can because I know if I use all the time the Lord has given me here, then I will be prepared to be lead by Him and do His work in Hungary.

I just love being here so much though. My teachers are so so so good. They are wonderful people and have strong testimonies and teach with the power of the Spirit. I never want them to leave at the end of the day because I love the feeling when they are with us.

Hungarian is still extremely difficult, but we continue to learn and practice and teach lessons in Hungarian. We currently have two progressing investigators who we have been teaching for weeks now and we are getting two more this week who will be played by other missionaries in our district. So that means that I too will be someone’s investigator. It will be tricky because our other investigators are played by our teachers so they speak perfect Hungarian. It will be harder to teacher each other when none of us speak very well. But I am excited to try it and learn from it in a new way.

Tomorrow is (American) Thanksgiving so we wont have classes and instead we are doing some sort of service project and will have some special Devotional or something I believe. Yesterday D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to us for our Devotional! My companions and I sang in the choir and it was lovely.

Elder Ioannidis left for France this past Monday. We met up on Saturday after lunch and had a little goodbye session. I love him so much. I can’t wait to hear from him once he is there in France. We will be allowed to email one another because he is family! Le sigh. So much love for my sibling. I can’t imagine how much I will love my children one day.

I am so well taken care of here by God’s love that I don’t feel worried for myself and don’t feel like anything bad will happen to my family while I am gone. And I also have faith that whatever does happen will be the Lord’s will.

I think of my friends at home and across Canada and in YSA and throughout the world and and I feel love for them. Every single person is important and I feel so lucky to know and love so many. I hope to develop a similar love for the people of Hungary as I bring them a message of hope and peace, as I invite them to come and feel the love of God and receive the blessings He wants for each of us to have.

I guess one thing I miss about home is hugs from friends and family. There are hugs here too (with other Sisters) so that is good, but its not the same. So I will be happy to hug you all when I return.

I think letters take a really long time to get to you from here so there are probably a few letters still in the mail coming for some of you.

You taught me a lot about love Mom and Dad. And i have the opportunity to share that with my district sometimes. I am grateful to have been born into my family and to have the brother that I have. Most people in my district have far more siblings than I do, but I am happy with my family. I think we are the way that we are supposed to be.

I am grateful for the support from all of you who are my friends and family. And I am grateful to have the privilege of serving this mission.

So much work and joy lies ahead. Through thorny ways, leads to a joyful end.

As a representative of Jesus Christ, I again express my love to you, and testify that He is our Savior. He knows and has experienced each struggle and hardship we will ever face, and thus knows perfectly how to help us through. Only through Him can we be made perfect.

I love you all,

Suranyi nover :)