Week #7

Hello family and friends!

Since my date still seems to be Dec 27 I will need to start preparing soon to leave. There are a bunch of things that I would like to leave behind or send home. Such as some clothes that I won’t bring and some used up notebooks and journals etc.

Happy baptismal anniversary mom and dad! It was on the 5th right? Ah so exciting. Your decision to join the church is why I am here. It blesses me daily and will continue to bless me eternally.

I haven’t heard from Elder Ioannidis at all yet. Maybe he has been very busy or does not know my email address? Would you send it to him for me mom and dad? I love him with my whole heart and hope he is doing well. One of the things I pray for the hardest here is not to forget French. I love French so much and my heart will be broken if I cannot speak it anymore. I try to speak it in my personal prayers sometimes and it scares me because of how many words come out in Hungarian. It is great that so many words readily come to me in Hungarian, but I pray so hard that my mind will have the capacity to separate the two languages so I can retain both. I have a feeling I will come to love Hungarian even more than I love French and I am excited for that. How much I love French shows me how much I will be obsessed with speaking Hungarian.

This week we (our district) have a goal to memorize the First Vision in Hungarian. Ive memorized the words now but need to keep practicing it to get it to come more smoothly and without having to stop and think of the next words. I am glad I am memorizing it.

I received some wonderful letters this week! From Richmond Ward, two from Mika, from Krysta, from Emily Turner, from Mom, from Elder Deyell and even a couple more that my head can’t remember right at this moment. Ah thank you all so much!!! Some letters in reply are in the mail now and some are in the process if being written, I love hearing from you all so so much and feel so happy as I respond and as I get to think of you all.

Ooh Mom and Dad thank you for the package you sent me! The new watch is wonderful and fits perfectly and works perfectly. Mom, is it one that we had looked at together? I feel like I recognized it and appreciate if you remembered it was one that I liked! The socks are perfect and the candy is always wonderful! And I keep ripping tights :( So i am grateful that you sent more :)

Ok now I am going to say more wonderful things about the MTC and missions! I love it here, I love it here, I love it here! My companions and I grow closer and closer together as the days go on. We support one another and strengthen one another and learn about each others’ wants and needs. I feel so blessed to have them. Did I mention that Motra Richardson (one of my companions) is from Edmonton? The other is from 20mins away from the MTC, in Spanish Fork. I love them and it is nice to have girls around when I have left all my friends behind. My teachers still blow my mind all the time. They speak with such love and power. They speak truth and it is incredible. They sacrifice for us. They often stay later to help us, or miss their own classes (they are BYU students) because they are scheduled to teach us. It breaks my heart a little to know what they give up for us, but makes me feel their love for us and for missionary work. They truly love the people of Hungary, they both served missions there, and they show us that love all the time. They help us develop a love for the people and for the language. They are wonderful teachers.

Our district is also so amazing. We had a district review, or “district strengthening session” as I like to call it, last night. The spirit in the room was so strong. Everyone was united and we just beamed with love for one another and for the gospel.

Here I feel so strongly the love of God for me. I am blessed all the time here. I am blessed with feelings of peace and support. I am blessed with feelings of love. I have faith in promised blessings that come when we follow what God asks for us. As my departure date draws nearer the reality of going to Hungary and working with real important people sinks in more and more. My actions are going to affect real people. real spirits, children of God. I pray so strongly that I can get out of the way and let the Spirit work through me. I want to be a good tool in the Lord’s hands. I want to bring the message of joy to the people who need it and have been prepared to hear it.

I continually strive to push out the negative thoughts and increase my positive attributes. Developing Christlike attributes is a large focus here. We study them and work on putting them into practice. I dont know a better place for me to learn and grow.

I love you all so much!!!!!

Suranyi nover