Week #8

Sziasztok mindenki!!!

“Huha!” Things here are still as great as ever. Everything about this place has felt right. Most of you probably know I am a fairly apprehensive person and I don’t look forward to change, but coming here I wasn’t nervous, and being here has been fantastic. I wish I could say the same about going to Hungary on the 27th. But I am working hard on trusting the Lord. He wouldn’t send me on the 27th if He didn’t know it was the right thing.

This coming week (starting in just a couple hours) is “consecration week”. Consecration week is generally done a week before your last week. What it involves is your whole district vows to speak only your mission language (except in Emergencies, etc). So, I will say farewell to English for a week. We also come up with individual goals to help truly consecrate our time and life to the Lord. I expect to do a lot of growing this week and trust that I will continue to feel peace and happiness throughout.

I feel so much peace here. Although I have stresses and worries, I feel peace. My heart feels right.

This week we (he whole MTC) had Sister Elaine Dalton speak to us (YW general president) and Sister Dibb (2nd cnslr gen. YW). My companions and I got to meet each of them! We got to hug them and speak to them. And Sister Dibb even asked Motra to say hello to the Mission President’s wife when she gets to Albania. Did you know Sister Dibb is the prophet’s daughter? She is such a strong and wonderful woman. She also spoke to us all a bit about her father, which was so warming and powerful. It really is great being here in the MTC. I hear more incredible people will come at Christmas time too!!

Haha so, I sing in the MTC choir. And there are big big screens up during all the Devotionals when we perform. The screens show whatever is going on; there are several cameras in the room and AV people working hard all the time. And so they show the choir on the screens when we sing, and the speakers when they speak, etc. We are instructed not to look at the screens while we are singing, because it is distracting and draws attention to yourself. So I never look. But it is so hard because the screens are right behind the conductor. There are always in your peripherals and you have to try so hard not to focus on them. Well last night when we performed, Motra (one of my comps) was wearing a bright blue cardigan and i was wearing a bright fuscia scarf. Well which two colours I saw, extreme close up, on the screen in my peripherals? Yes bright blue and fuscia. I had to use all my might to keep my eyes on the conductor. I have NO idea what faces I may have made as I tried to ignore the fact that I knew everyone could see me. Including people at all the other MTCs around the world receiving the broadcast. HAHAH ah so funny. I am glad I had the strength not to look though. But still: funny.

I have received so many wonderful letters and cards this week!! Responses to some are in the mail, and I am doing my best to write back to them all. My heart is so lifted by your words! Some I remember off the top of my head: Emily, Erin, Grammy, The Deyells, Richmond Ward, Sister Head, Anna Theo, the Waltons. The time you take to write me means so much to me!!! I wish I could tell you all right now what I thought and how much I appreciate your words!

I have briefly emailed Elder Ioannidis. I don’t have time to read the email he sent me so I’ve printed it out and will read it later tonight after 930 when I am allowed to open mail.

And today I got a package from the Miles!!! Ill open it tonight after 930 as well :) YAY EXCITED!!!!!!!

My wonderful Miles and Seegmiller families. I pray for you daily and mention each of you by name. You are so wonderful and meaningful to me. You’ve changed my eternity!!!

This mission is not just something I am going to think about for the rest of my life, it is going to become part of me. If my teachers here in the MTC are any example of what I can become, I look so forward to it. They are incredibly people who sacrifice so much and work so hard in all areas of their life it seems. They are blessing my life so much. They are so much more than instructors. They are incredibly servants of the Lord and angels to me.

Ah I have 30 seconds left!

I love you all so much!

Ah oh!!! If anyone ever wants to write me in French, please do!!

Love Suranyi nover