Week #9

Hu-ha! 6 days to go! In a few hours, consecration week ends. We are going to try hard not to slacken on our efforts though. We have made new goals to still speak Hungarian whenever our district is together and I also have personal goals that I will be working on.

What a wonderful place the MTC has been. My companions and I all got haircuts today, which makes leaving seem one step closer to being real. Its real.

I must have written it in a hand-written letter and forgotten to put it in an email that missionaries in the MTC do not get to call home on Christmas. There aren’t enough phones here for the ~2,500 missionaries to call home.

One thing I have noticed lately as a gift from the Lord is the gift of wakefulness. I have be blessed to be alert and wakeful whenever I need to be. Many people here are tired a lot of the time, but I more or less always feel energized in my mind. I am grateful for that. I feel it has helped me here.

In Hungarian, there are certain circumstances where you have to speak in “formalization”. My brain can understand the concept, but when it comes to speaking it, I get really stuck. Its hard to remember all the changes I need to make to formalize someone, especially because I am so used to speaking in informal Hungarian. I need some more practice because I’ll be using it in 6 days! Hu-ha!!!

Although there is nearly infinite more Hungarian for me to learn, I can see that we have come a long way here. Periodically we are interviewed by our teachers, and this last interview I had a couple days ago was completely in Hungarian! It was wonderful! I can also look back to the first lesson we taught in Hungarian on our third day here and see how far we’ve come since then.

Sometimes I wish I could write email on a day other than P-day. Although p-day is wonderful and necessary, its not as spiritually packed as many other days here.

We had a wonderful wonderful Devotional last night. L Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the 70 and his wife spoke to us. They just glow with love and spirit. Sister Clayton talked about receiving gifts, and how an important part of gift giving is in the receiving. She talked about both temporal and physical gifts. It was wonderful. It was also our last time singing with the choir last night!

After the Devotional we had a district review (we have one every week) and it was incredible. Our district leader Anderson elder asked everyone to share something they liked from the talks and how they felt and then after testify in Hungarian. (We had to speak some English because a member of our branch presidency and his wife joined us for our meeting). It was such a powerful time. It was our last district review and we all knew that. Many words of love and thanks were expressed and exchanged. We have all come to learn that we were put here in the MTC at this time for a reason, and that we are together for a reason, and that we are going to Hungary for a reason. I also think there is a reason why we are going a week early. Maybe one of us needs to find someone who would not be found if we left when we previously would have. My district has been such a strength to me here. My teachers have been some of the greatest gifts to me also. I learn so much here. I know I need to rely on the Lord to accomplish that which He would have me do.

As I consider myself and my progress and the level of development of my Christlike attributes I often think of my parents and brother. Mom and Dad, sometimes I get to see beautiful glimpses of what our family can become. I see what potential the four of us have as individuals to improve, and then I see how much we can grow stronger together. We have incredible potential! I LOVE MY FAMILY! Elder Ioannidis still remains on the top of the list of people I love the most on this earth. I don’t know why I got to be blessed with him as my brother. And I was put into the home of incredible parents. Mom and dad, lets all live together for eternity okay? Okay!

I, Suranyi nover, am an extremely blessed person! So much love and support and care is shown to me! I am lucky lucky lucky to be a missionary. I pray that I will do my part with all of my abilities.

Szeretlek titeket!

Suranyi nover