Week #10 (Christmas Week & Leaving for Hungary)

Surprise! We found out this morning that they let us write a Christmas e-mail today!

Merry Christmas family and friends!!!

My flight from Salt Lake leaves at 7am and arrives in Chicago at 11:15 (Chicago time I’m guessing). I have a long layover there till 5:05 so I will probably call sometime in there. I may call from salt lake quickly but I’m not sure. I feel bad not having better info, but you should for sure expect a call from me. I hope that doesn’t make any plans difficult for you. I wont be able to get any information from you before then, so hopefully it all works out. :)

Ah my lovely parents! I love you so much. Going to Hungary is becoming so real as it is just days away. I have loved receiving Dearelders from you during my time at the MTC and look forward to telling you about my time in Hungary. My wonderful teachers do a great job of showing us the love they have for Hungary and the people there. I can see myself falling in love with Hungary. I know I will!

Kellemes Karácsonyt a családom! Szeretlek titeket és akarom hogy minden jó veletek. Boldog vagyok hallani hogy ti gondolkoztok Krisztusról ezen a Karácsonyon. Én is gondolkozom róla.

I’d write you more, but the computers are all having problems freezing every few seconds and its making it extra hard to write in Hungarian. There very well may be many grammatical mistakes in there, but I did my best :)

We’re missionaries now and even in the airport, and we are taught in “Preach my Gospel” that we are meant to talk to everyone,. So our phone call should not be too too long so that I can still fulfill my purpose as a missionary and not become too distracted from the work. But I still look very forward to talking to you both! You will have to update me on Elder Ioannidis as well!

I hope we can all keep our covenant to always remember Christ. This Christmas is wonderful and I feel so much love for all of you. I am so happy that you are both reading the scriptures and keeping your minds on things of eternal importance. I encourage you both to continue with me in growing in the gospel – in testimony, and in conversion. Let us not only learn more truth, but gain a stronger resolve to continually live what we know to be true.

I wish I could write more but the computers are being very difficult right now. I love you so much as Ive said. “Preach my Gospel” has a chapter on Christlike Attributes which we study often here. We should all try to become more like Him as He is the perfect example and our only way back. I also am learning about how vitally important members are in missionary work. Missionaries really need members’ help In finding, in teaching, and in retaining. When I return, I hope to be a helpful member to the missionaries.

Have to go now, love you so much! Merry Christmas! I pray for your strength and happiness and appreciate your prayers for mine.

Suranyi nővér