Week #15

Hi everyone!

Wow this week was busy and great! We gained more new investigators this week than my trainer has ever got during any week of her mission. We were blessed to get to meet with so many people this week! It is incredible how unique each person is. Every meeting is unique and different. I really get to participate in people’s lives as they accept us into their homes and show us who they are. I learn a lot about love and patience as I experience meeting with so many special and unique people. Wow what an incredible opportunity this is for me to grow.

Every week we (as a companionship) hold a weekly planning session. At the end we hold a companionship inventory. Part of the inventory involves suggesting to one another ways to improve. This week I have felt SO grateful for that part. It can be slightly awkward and embarrassing, but I am so grateful for it. I get to improve myself in ways that I wouldn’t have been aware of it we weren’t asked to do this inventory. I picture the blessings that will come to my current and future family as I improve upon these things that my companions suggest to me. I think of how much better I can be and how much more of a blessing I can be in the lives of others if I look at my weaknesses as an opportunity to grow. Ah so good. Do married people hold companionship inventory? Its great.

It is so interesting how variable my understanding of the language can be. It depends on the person’s speed, tone, and which words they choose to use. Sometimes I can understand almost everything that is said, sometimes I can understand maybe a word or two in every other sentence. So humbling. So trying of my patience. Such an opportunity to learn. This week we had a lesson where I was having a really hard time understanding. The lady we were meeting with was talking a lot. I just listened as hard as I could and tried to understand her. As I couldn’t really understand I prayed to have love for this woman and for her to be able to feel that love. At one point she was sharing a story and tears came from her eyes as she shared it. Unexpectedly, tears came from mine as well. I felt grateful that even if I couldn’t understand her, at least I could love her and feel with her. At the end of the lesson she came up to me and hugged me. I told her I loved her, and I meant it. It was an incredible experience.

Another incredible experience from this week was when we visited a family for the first time and asked them if we could sing a hymn. Kimball nővér, Papritz nővér and I sang “Lead Kindly Light” (in Hungarian) and by the end of the song, the couple were holding hands with tears in their eyes and we could all feel a wonderful spirit in the room. The meeting was wonderful and we will be returning to teach this family. I really look forward to it.

Every time we have ever shared Joseph Smith’s First Vision with people, it has been an incredible experience for me. It fills me with such a powerful spirit. I love sharing Joseph Smith’s experience with people; there really is something amazing in using his own words to describe the event. It builds my testimony every time.

Papritz nővér kissed me with a frog this week! It was gross yet hilarious! We met with a lady who loves frogs. She has a pet frog. When she told us we could hold it I got really excited! I can’t remember if I’ve ever held a frog before! He wasn’t a tiny one either, he was palm-ish sized (maybe I’ll send a picture). So we ask if we can take a picture of it and we get the great idea of pretending to kiss the frog in the picture. Well just so you know, if you close your eyes and pucker up to a frog in Papritz nővér’s hands, she’ll make you kiss it! Blerck! She did it on purpose. I almost died laughing. So, I’ve officially kissed a frog now. And that’s the only kissing that will be going down on this mission. Well except for all the double-cheek kisses you get from people here. So forget that, apparently there is a lot of kissing.

I got two letters this week, which was exciting! And I had another “note day” this week in my journal (found a note on one of the pages :) ).

I can’t imagine what is going to come in the future on this mission, so I am working on taking things a day at a time. Its working well this way!

Oh, we go back to Budapest again this week! We have zone conference this week. I am not sure how many missionaries are in our zone, so I’ll give an update next week. But we’ll get to have some training and such I believe. This will be my first zone conference ever! (Every city is a District and then a few districts together make a Zone… I believe haha.) OH wow, the train ride to and from Budapest, I forgot to say, its like you are getting cooked! There is this crazy heater right by your legs. But I think at the very end of our last train ride we figured we could turn it off. So this week we will try right at the beginning and hopefully it will work. Aside from getting fried legs, the train makes me feel like I am on my way to Hogwarts, so that is awesome. I keep waiting for the trolly to come around so I can buy some chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans. I have to not think about the dementors also. ( <3 HP ).

Its funny having Kimball nővér back, because now we are singing all the time, and making up songs all the time, and poor Papritz nővér has to pretend she doesn't think we are nuts. One song we've been singing a lot this week is inspired by the Bukarest sign that we see daily that tells us how far away it is. We've been singing "to Serbia" to the tune to "Disturbia". It's been wonderful.

OOOooookie. Now that I am feeling silly it is time for me to go. Love you all!!!!

Muah! I send you all some silly love, but also some sincere love. MUAH (to keep up with my kissing stint). Oh dear, I should stop while I'm ahead.

<3 Surányi nővér