Week #16

Brrr, I mean hello!

We thought that maybe winter was over and spring was coming early… but we were wrong! haha! It started snowing about three days ago – snowed for at least a straight day – and its been on and off ever since. Now I already know that many of you (for example my friends in Alberta and Ontario) will laugh at this, but to me it’s cold! There is about a foot and a half of snow and its around -10 degrees Celsius. And its humid cold, so its just very cold. But we bundle up and make ourselves as busy as possible so we do not have to spend much time outside :)

This morning something happened with the pipes in our building so we had brown water for half of the day, but luckily its back to normal now!

We went to Budapest again this week (before any of the snow), this time for Zone Conference. We actually combined with another zone this time, so there were something like 30 missionaries there. It was a day of training (all in English except for our role plays). The mission president did training on the Plan of Salvation, and we also had training from the mission president’s wife as well as from the assistants to the president and from our zone leaders. It felt like good old MTC times :) so I liked it. They asked me to say the closing prayer for the conference, which was slightly nerve-racking around my peers because it was in Hungarian and I am from the greenest group of missionaries who were there. But its good to push our comfort limits! Hungarian is a consistent comfort limit pushing experience. It is great!

During the conference I had a literally 1 minute long interview with the mission president. It was hilarious. I heard he does quick interviews, but it was funny to actually experience it. He just had one question for me, which was probably why it was so quick, it was just surprising that after 60 seconds he stands up shakes my hand and thanks me. haha. This time we didn’t have to train to Budapest! Papritz nővér got to go in the car with the Senior couple in our district and Kimball nővér and I were driven by the elders in our district. On the way back from Budapest we played an intense game of Contact (a word game that i LOVE). Anyone who has ever played Contact with me knows how much I love that game!! We also did some riddles and other word games. I really enjoyed it.

I had another “note day” in my journal this week :D (THANKS JENN!!)

Ooh and I received some mail this week :) Thank you so much for sending me letters!!

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately, but I like them. This week I had a dream involving a building that turned into a snake and started chasing me. I also had a dream about soup and another dream about helping Ali Baba the thief. Both of my companions also had weird dreams this week. Maybe there is a gas leak in our apartment… nah.

Today for a Preparation Day activity the elders and we went to a big Synagogue here in Szeged. It was freezing cold inside, but beautiful. I sent a picture that my dad might be posting. (It will be interesting for me to see how the blog looks when I return home). We also did our weekly food shopping and some other little things.

Real-time info: I just developed a strong desire to drink some hot chocolate. I <3 Csoki.

One neat thing about serving a mission is that the scriptures apply to you in a new way. As I define myself as a missionary so many new scriptures are meaningful to me in a different way than they were before. It is interesting to read the same scriptures I've read before, but from a new perspective. I am sure the same thing can happen with any life change. As a wife, as a parent, I am sure the scriptures will again become interesting in new ways. I guess even during certain trials or life situations the scriptures can again pop out in different ways. That is one reason why the Gift of the Holy Ghost is so wonderful. He can help us recognize things that can help us in our current situations. I am really appreciating the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

This past Sunday wast fast Sunday and I had some great experiences. One thing that was meaningful to me was that something I was fasting and praying to learn more about was given to me to grow from. Lately I've been recognizing more and more times where I don't know what to do, say, or think. I always make a decision but I feel like if I didn't pick one, I could just sit there confused and doing nothing. It is sort of a strange feeling when I recognize it happening. I've been praying to better know what I should do in those situations and for the Lord to help me to grow and become better at recognizing the guidance of the Spirit. That same day I was given a difficult situation where I did not know what to say, think, or do. As the situation occurred, I could tell that the Lord was working on answering my prayers. I know that for me to get better at these situations, I have to experience them and grow through them. If He took all those situations away from me, I would never learn how to deal with them. So I felt grateful that right away I saw that the Lord listens to my prayers and wants to help me grow.

I really really hope I let myself grow. Luckily I have been given Hungarian as a trial. Compared to many growth opportunities, it is so concrete and it is easier to track your progress and to notice if you are not progressing. It is also easier to progress because you are more or less forced to use it if you want to accomplish your missionary purpose. But I hope I can grow in other ways too. It takes effort to grow, and I hope I can do it. I will keep trying!

I know I say it often, but I really have faith in the fact that the Lord can shape a person through their missionary service. I know He can make me a tool in His hands if I let Him. I'm trying to let Him :)

Time on a mission is so crazy. It feels fast, and slow, and normal, and confusing, and perfect, and off, all at once. Papritz nővér read us a neat quote about time this week. Something about how we (all people) are strangers in time. We are eternal beings. The fact that we need clocks and watches everywhere shows that we are not comfortable in time, that it is not part of who we are. We have to keep reminding ourselves of it and trying to work within its confines. I thought it was really interesting to think about.

Ok we are off to a program. I have enjoyed this time to think about you all and to reflect on some parts of my week. We met with a lot of people this week and are meeting with an even larger amount this coming week. So many interesting things happen on a daily basis when you meet with people from all walks of life!

I look forward to when the people I meet with are you all! I know there is much to be learned from all of you.

I love you all bunches of oats.


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