Week #17

Hello everyone!

This morning I received my first “transfer call” of my mission. Every 6 weeks is transfers for everyone, and you get a call in the morning telling you where you are going to serve next. Papritz nővér and I will both be staying in Szeged together and Kimball nővér is being sent to serve in Miskolc. Neilson elder from our area is being transferred to Pécs and replacing him will be Beaumont elder who is actually from Abbotsford stake back home! I look forward to serving another transfer here in Szeged :)

This week I finally read a talk that has been suggested to me many times: The Fourth Missionary. It was incredible. I am reading it again. Ah so good. Although it is geared toward missionary work, the points made in the talk are true to anyone in life. Ooh and a fun thing for me with this talk was that there was a section that had a really clear logical argument. So, after I read the talk I went back to the section I noticed and then formalized the argument into symbol logic/predicate logic. The logic was already really clear, but it was really rewarding to use something I learned in school and apply it to a real life situation. I was giddy in my brain from it. It was so fun for me!

Also this week I realized how funny it is that all the animals in animal crackers are the same size.

I also learned that Bucharest is not at all in Serbia but in Romania. I have been singing my “to Serbia” song a tonne. le sigh.

This week at church there was a YSA cowboy themed party. They asked Kimball nővér to choreograph a line dance for it. It was a really fun event. We did line dancing, ate food, had a seed spitting contest, tried to lasso, and played some other games. There were a bunch of non-members there and it was fun to have a good time with them and help them see that Mormons are nice and fun! Next week the ward is having a Farsang party (which is like Hungarian Halloween) and I am really looking forward to that!

This Sunday Kimball nővér and I sang in church (the Hungarian translation of How Great Thou Art) and it went really well. It was the least nervous I have ever felt singing in front of people, and she said that it was the same for her. Papritz nővér accompanied us and played/improvised a really great arrangement. They are both really musically talented!

Every week here I am learning and growing (usually slower than I wish though :P ). I feel that I am more capable than ever before at recognizing my weaknesses. It is kind-of painful but mostly I am very grateful for it. I see how much growing can happen when the Lord shows unto me my weaknesses. My mission is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I realize that I am only one transfer in, but I feel strongly that I can already say that. The more I am concentrating on serving other people, the more I feel I am learning. Some of my hardest moments are when I am in a lesson and I just want with all my heart to understand what is being said. My heart literally aches because I desire so strongly to know what they are saying. But, can I tell you how much of a blessing it is? It is incredible. So I am sitting there, literally aching inside, and then so often comes this feeling of deep love for the person. The ache turns to a different kind of feeling. It turns to this desire, not for myself to understand, but for the benefit of the other person. It is kind of amazing. I go from hurting inside, to feeling this strong love. It is wonderful. I still really really want to understand better, but the feeling of loving others is something that I am needing to learn right now. What a blessing. My life is incredible.

You know what else is incredible? I performed a miracle with water this week. OK that is a lie. But the circumstances lined up so well that it looked a lot like a miracle. So, I wanted my bottled water to stay cold so I put the two that weren’t open yet outside the door. One froze solid, but the one closer to the house stayed liquid. So when I wanted to start a new bottle of water, I went out and got the liquid one. So like I said, it was liquid. I open the bottle – still liquid. I start pouring it into a glass – still liquid. The glass starts filling – NOT LIQUID! It turned into thick thick slush as soon as it got in the cup. I kind-of freaked out because it looked white-ish and I thought it was turning to some kind of gel and I was super confused and worried. But then I saw that it was ice. So I added raspberry syrup and had a slushie! The water happened to be at the perfect temperature for that to happen, but of course I announced it to my companions as a miracle first. And I mean in a way it is. The way the Lord created water is incredible. It is so perfect and unlike other substances. I enjoyed my delicious water miracle.

Thank you again for reading this blog and for sending me letters. They brighten my life. :)

We’ve been teaching a family, and this week we set up a baptism date for two of them. I have such a strong desire to really help them be prepared for it. I know they need to develop their own personal testimonies and really understand how baptism is the gate onto the straight and narrow path to return to live with our Heavenly Father. They need a desire to stay on that path before we show them through the gate. I hope we can help them see the whole picture and that they can feel prepared for the many incredible blessings that lie ahead of them as they enter the gate and then stay on the path.

Thank you for your prayers! I keep seeing in the scriptures how the Lord answers prayers and I am so grateful for your help.

I love you all bunches and bunches of oats,

Surányi nővér <3