Week #19

Hey there everyone!!

The weather has been so beautiful here in Szeged the past couple of days! The sun has been shining and the snow melting, the winter coats disappearing and the bikes appearing. – spring is coming!! Anna Kut (pronounced “awnah koot”) has been bustling. I wish I could properly describe how fun it is to watch what happens at Anna Kut. There is a statue with four spouts around it, from which pour different kinds of water. Depending on who you ask, it is healing water, or health water, or just clean water. People come with bagfuls of empty bottles and fill them up at the Kut. We pass it daily and thoroughly enjoy watching the different kinds of people that come to partake in the water of the Kut. We almost dressed as Anna Kut and a bag full of bottles for Farsang. It would have been epic. I will try to get a picture some time of a bustling Anna Kut.

Thank you all for the letters you send to me!! (Charlie 1, Charlie 2, Charlie 3…) I love ’em I love ’em!

Mario and Princess Peach came over this week. But not really. One of the members is a plumber and he came to help us figure out was was wrong with our water. Turns out there were disgusting globs of nastiness blocking our taps and that is why our water pressure was so non existent. We are pretty sure it is build up from that first day that our water was all brown from a broken pipe somewhere we think. I am just glad it is fixed now! The land lord even fixed my bed!! Joy joy :)

Did I mention that Papritz nővér and I made stuffed peppers? They were SO DELICIOUSSSS. Tomorrow we are making them again :)

We were taught how to make stuffed cabbage this week. It was fun to make but painful! You have to use pickled cabbage and it stings your winter hands. It was worth it though :)

Oh and also I hummed the Mario theme song for days after our water got fixed. :)

Cool Hungarian language thing: If I started talking to you about Mária for example, and you wanted to know what her last name was you would ask me “what kind of Mária?”. I love hearing that. I think it sounds so, well, Hungarian!

Speaking of Hungarian, I gave a talk in church this week. It was a scary but good experience. Interestingly, the senior office couple from Budapest was visiting so they had Beaumont elder translating everything for them. Thus my talk was being translated as I spoke. I had to try not to imagine what he was saying and pay attention to what I was saying. It was funny and reminded me of the time in the MTC choir when my face was on the screen.
Actually this Sunday was really great. I decided to make myself to talk to a member who I had never talked to before because I was afraid it would have been too awkward if we couldn’t understand one another. It turned out that he spoke English and that made me so comfortable to speak with him, because I knew that if I needed help, he would understand. And he turned out to be a really nice person and I was glad I talked to him. It was a reminder that I need to just open my mouth. I cannot let nerves stop me from talking to people and progressing. I really felt the Spirit it sacrament meeting when a member gave a talk about spiritual gifts. I really felt at home. I generally go to Young Womens’ for the third hour and I had a good experience there this week. I like church. It is tiring and demanding on my brain power, but it feeds and lifts my spirit. The more I come to know the members, the more I love them. It is still scary when I don’t know whether or not I will understand the next thing someone says to me, but it is such a growing experience.

My trainer is so so wonderful. I look up to Papritz nővér so much. She is a fantastic missionary. It is like part of her being. She has such a hold on the ins and outs and she always seems to know what to do. She cares about my growth and is so patient with me. She’s a great mission mama.

I have such a testimony of companionship inventory. I feel like so much growth would be missed if we didn’t conduct weekly companionship inventory. It is always a little bit awkward but so so worth it. For those of you who don’t know what companionship inventory is – you share personal goals and make companionship goals, you talk about companionship strengths and weaknesses, and you tell the other person their strengths, and you give the other person suggestions on ways to improve. It is not a very natural thing to do, but I am so glad we are asked to do it. I always am so grateful for it. You get to reevaluate and see if you are on the same page with things, and so much other good comes from it. (That was good as a noun, in-case you were wondering.) (That last parenthesis clause was mostly for Jenn.) I <3 comp inventory!

Oh so Saturday was weird. For some reason, way more people stared at us than usual. I don't know why, but I always have this misguided feeling that I fit in. I feel like I look like everyone else. Haha. It is probably a blessing that I don't feel like I stick out, but Saturday was just funny. Papritz nővér and I kept asking each other if we somehow looked extra weird that day or something. But … we looked like we look every other day. So, nem tudom what that was all about, but it was funny. It mostly made me smile. Which was probably a good thing, because missionaries are happy people! We always joke that they don't even sell skirts as long as ours in this country. :P

This week, on the way somewhere, Papritz nővér and I discovered an outdoor exercise gym. It is almost like a playground, but for adults. It is all painted red and yellow and the machines are pretty basic and funny. It was awesome. I wish it was closer to our house, because we would so workout there.

One of the members said a pun that I have never heard before this week. "The Church of Cheese and Rice and Rattlesnakes". I like it.

Thank you for following my crazy mind jumps from topic to topic.

Can I just tell you all how much I love my little brother? His existence on this planet is a huge part of why I know how to love people. My parents gave me the best sibling I could have ever asked for. Better even. Not only is he extremely talented and funny and good-looking but he has the softest little heart I have ever had the chance of knowing. He is such a good example to me. I can't even imagine how much love he is spreading in France right now. I am pretty stoked on getting to be his sibling for eternity. God loves me; He gave me exactly the family that is perfect for me.

I love you wonderful people. I appreciate the time you take to rendszeresen read my brain rambles.

WAAH! TOMORROW I GET OLDER! It surprises me every time I remember it. We bought some frightening fire-spewing things today that Hungarians apparently put on cakes. Well I have never seen one in action, but the picture on the package looks frightening. Bring on the flames!

(Est-ce que qqn peut forcer Ian Wood de m'écrire. Merci tellement.)

Talk to you all in a week!

Lots of love!

– Surányi nővér