Week #20

Hello everyone!

This week was really great! We attained mission standard again this week, which is great. We are working with some people who are really incredible examples to me. They show me how much it is worth changing your life and how many blessings come when you do. It is incredible to see the faith that some of these people demonstrate as they are willing to change. I know that I too need to be willing.

Aside from the work, this week was a super bonus extra awesome week of great additions. My birthday was wonderful wonderful! I wrote down a list of 9 awesome things from my birthday:

1. We went for a morning walk for our exercise and the sunrise was so beautiful!
2. While I was in the shower Papritz nővér hid 22 post-it notes around the house. They all had really kind notes written on them. It was such an amazing and touching surprise!
3. Papritz nővér made me her own little gift certificates for my birthday :)
4. The Adams, the senior missionary couple in our district, had us all over for a birthday lunch for me!!! So nice!!
5. The elders and Papritz nővér and I had a district dinner at the branch house (the sisters made stuffed peppers and the elders brought ingredients and we all made polacsintas together).
6. The elders and Papritz nővér gave me this AWESOME Hungarian flag for my birthday!
7. Viki, a member here, gave me a set of Hungarian playing cards and a bunch of rules for games to play with them
8. Through the day I got happy birthday phone calls!
9. My birthday exceeded all expectations!!

Don’t I sound spoiled???? I sure am. I really thought that my birthday was just going to be another normal day. But everyone else treated me so wonderfully and made me feel so incredibly special. I haven’t known these people very long, but they were so kind to me. I feel so blessed. I don’t know why I get to have so many good things happen to me all the time. But I love it!!

I got a new name tag this week that has the proper “Surányi” accented. So awesome!

Also, just to make this week even more amazing than it already was, there was the Disznotoros Palinka Fesztival. Which was pretty much a sausage and brandy festival. And it happened right by our home. Papritz nővér and I just loved that festival with our whole hearts. There were something like 50 wooden huts that they built for the festival from which people would sell different things. A good half of them just sold brandy haha. Another good portion just sold meat and sausage and food. And then a bunch had neat trinkets and Hungarian things and such. Ah it was great. We bought whips!! (I never thought I would end up buying a whip). And we went whipping today even. Papritz nővér is IN LOVE with her whips. haha. We really enjoy them. We had to go by the festival many times on the way to and from the branch house and this one day there was some sort of competition going on it seemed, and there were just people handling animal innards all over the place. It was kind of crazy, and we didn’t really have time to check it out, but it looked like a sausage making competition or something. Kind of gross, but culturally neat. And they looked like they were enjoying it. Over the 4 days of the festival, we had an increase of joy. The memory still lives on though! I <3 Palinka festival. (but not Palinka).

It actually snowed again last week… but we are pretty sure its gone for good now. The sun is shining now and it is slowly warming up from time to time!

We are going to Budapest on Wednesday to hear an apostle speak! I may have already mentioned it, but D. Todd Christofferson is coming to Budapest and the missionaries get a special meeting with him in the afternoon and then there is a preisthood meeting and later at night a general meeting for everyone. Not every missionary gets to stay for the night meeting, but Papritz nővér and I are lucky enough to have a ride back to Szeged after, so we are allowed to stay for the evening meeting! Ah I am looking forward to this! We've been reading up on some of Elder Christofferson's past talks this week and it is getting us more excited for what he might say. He is very good with words and is quite straight and to the point. We look forward to hearing whatever he has to say to us! My phrase of the week has been "An apostle! There are only 12 of them on the planet!!". Ah we are so lucky!

This week in church, during the 3rd hour there was only the teacher, one young woman, and myself in the class. The class was about honouring your mother and father and since there were so few of us they had me participate in everything. The majority of the lesson was the teacher asking us questions from the manual about our mother and father. Aside from clearly demonstrating how much more I need to learn Hungarian (I had to ask them to clarify every single question, I kid you not) it was a great experience. I got to think about my parents and how much I love them. I also got to think about how much more I could and should honour them. How much more I should show them I care about them and how I should really try to get to know them. It is so easy to feel like it is their responsibility to raise me and know me. It is easy to be selfish. I hardly ever concentrate on what I can do for them instead of what I can get from them. That is definitely something I can improve on. And must. Not only is it a commandment to honour our parents, but they deserve my respect more than any one else in my life. They continually give their everything to me. I can do a lot better at giving back.

My mission remains as the best decision I could have made in my life right now.

I am so grateful for the support that you all show to me and for the letters you send to me. (Which reminds me, Erika, you sent me a dearelder but I don't have your return address. I love you Erika!)

Woah I forgot that we had Zone interviews this week! It was great. The Zone all came to Szeged and we had several different trainings and we each got individually interviewed by the mission president. It was a good day. I think we get to do that every other transfer. Should be good!

This next week is full of meeting with people, so there should be lots of amazing experiences!

I leave you now with much love,

~ Surányi nővér