Super P-Day week!

Hello everyone!

This week has been a wonderful one! We met with many people and have plans to meet with some new ones this coming week too. Transfers are a week away which adds an additional dimention of things to think about as we work. When I write next week, I should know where or whether I will be moving to a new place :)

This week we had a super pday because of the national holiday. It was a fantastic day! I really enjoyed it and I feel like the day of vacation helped prepare me to get back into the work again. Almost our entire zone (14 people) came to Szeged in the morning and we all went to the Museum which was free because of the holiday. Then we went to the Adams’ house and had lunch there. Then we all went to the “Eko Park” in Ujszeged which was a ropes course. When we got there, it looked small, but as we got into it it was actually really fun! There were all sorts of different little obstacles that you have to traverse and there were also some zip-lines. On one of the little zip-lines, I went too fast and smacked into a tree at the end. But the whole thing was a really good time. The last 2 obstacles before the final and biggest zip-line were the hardest. It was funny watching the people in front of you struggle and know that soon that would be you. Haha. The safety gear made it so you felt safe to try anything. It rocked. After the course we all went whipping for a while. We then went to the Adams’ again and we had a “sajt night” where we ate fried cheese with dipping sauces, and we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Then the rest of the zone went home and our district played Apples to Apples with the Adams (I love that game!). It was a wonderful day!

This week I had a good experience at a Relief Society (the Women’s organization of our church) activity. At the end of the activity a woman came up and bore her testimony about the temple. Her testimony was so strong about the blessing of temples and it really touched me to hear her. Afterward during the closing prayer, I’ll admit, I allowed my mind to wander a little bit and got distracted by some unimportant thoughts. But as I was thinking, I felt a really gentle and warm feeling in my heart and I pulled my attention back to the prayer that was being said. I knew so strongly that that feeling was the Holy Ghost, and I was so grateful for that feeling. I am grateful to know that the Holy Ghost was present at that meeting and that we could all be uplifted together as women.

One of our road blocks right now is finding somewhere to hold baptisms. Because the church is so young here in Hungary, not all of the cities have church-owned buildings, and thus, no baptismal fonts. We have a few options that we are working on, and I have faith that everything will work out the way it is meant to.

This week we had the special opportunity to support one of our young investigators by attending her ice dance competition. We had a really busy schedule that day but we were able to be at the arena to watch her perform as well as see about 5 other numbers. I could see how much she enjoys what she does as she was glowing with happiness when we went to congratulate her after she skated. It reminded me of how I feel when I dance. I was really grateful to be able to attend and be reminded of how lucky we are to have things in life that make us happy.

I still struggle a lot with speaking and understanding Hungarian but today I had a really good experience. It was our first meeting with a girl about my age and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. My companion is losing her voice, so it fell on me to do a bit more talking. And for some reason, as I spoke, the words just came out. I know I made errors, but the smoothness of speech was startling to me. I knew that it was a blessing from my Heavenly Father. I am aware of the struggle I usually have, and it felt so wonderful to be able to communicate more freely during that meeting. I receive so many blessings!

I am so grateful for the many prayers and good thoughts that are said and thought on my behalf. My happiness is proof that your prayers are being answered. Your support is meaningful to me and provides real tangible help.

With lots of Hungarian, whippy, zip-liney, baked goods-y love,

Surányi nővér