Week #23

Hello everyone!

Transfer 3 is about to begin; this morning we got our calls, and Wednesday is when the big switch goes down! Paprtitz nővér is staying here in Szeged and so are Elders Beaumont and Moffett. I, on the other hand, am off to Kecskemét to serve with Hudspeth nővér. I will still be in the South-East Zone, so I will see my Szeged-district missionaries during Zone conference and when the Elders come over for splits.

This past week has been quite eventful. The weather has switched to BEAUTIFUL. Every day this week has been warm and sunny! This week Papritz nővér and I both came down with bad colds. We had all the symptoms – runny noses, swollen throats, tiredness, body soreness, etc and our favourite, that floaty feeling. Haha. But we managed to pretty much heal in time for yesterday which was one of the most eventful days of my mission so far! Let me give you a summary of yesterday. SO good!

Sunday March 25

-time moved forward one hour (it does that a week late here)
-Sister Papritz bakes a cake at 7am
-We go to church
-They skip the talk that Sister Papritz prepared to give (merp)
-The rest of church is great!
– we go over to the Seventh Day Adventist church to hold a baptismal service (such a miracle and blessing that we got to use their font and building!!)
– baptisms go swimmingly! Two people got baptised. One of our investigators and one of the Elders’. District unity to the fullest!
– Us four missionaries perform a song at the baptism (even with colds)
– we have a post baptism social (that’s where the 7am cake comes in) where I receive my first puszi from a man (it is not allowed but I wasn’t able to stop him in time. Oy. Puszi is the double-cheek kiss)
– straight from the social we (the elders and a member and us sisters) head over with another investigator to the Nazarene church out in Hódmezővásárhely in his home-modified family bus/van thing that doesn’t have working seat-belts.
– everyone can tell we are visitors and alot of people come and talk to us. Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming.
– They sing SO well! They have two different hymn books and we all sing together in four parts for an hour. (Such good sight reading practice!)
– Dinner break: they feed us bread and salami and a little lady talks to me for half an hour (such good speaking practice!)
– more singing in parts. This time without an organ. (Even better ear training and sight reading practice!)
– a man then gave a talk that I understood nothing of (which is still common for me at this stage)
– we go back home to Szeged in the same bus/van but this time with the investigator’s family (his wife and three of his kids). It was a zoo in there and it was great!
– The investigator’s wife gifts me one of her song books :) How nice!!

What a great day!

Today was good too. All 6 missionaries (that includes the senior couple) plus a girl from the branch who is about to serve a mini mission were invited over by a member for lunch today. The food was delicious! The man who fed us used to be the branch mission leader so he knows missionaries quite well. Because he knew I was leaving he gave me a neat Hungarian crested ball cap as a gift before we left! He then shook my hand and leaned in for puszi. I protested (because he should know better) but he didn’t care! When I told him “nem szabad” he said that for him it was “szabad”. Cheeky little man. Haha! 2 man puszi within 24 hours. Oh dear. I hope this is not a trend.

Well a slough of new experiences are about to come my way as I fly the coop and leave the safety of my trainer and my greeny area. I look forward to what I can learn from this. I am not feeling very nervous, but I do not know what to expect. I am open to what is going to happen. I kind of like having no expectations. It makes every outcome a good one. I don’t know if I can say yet that I like change, but I can say that through my whole mission experience, right from the MTC even, I have been dealing with change really well compared to my past. I really feel like the Holy Ghost is comforting me and giving me the strength and courage to deal with everything that is coming my way.

I am trying to have the wisdom to use my experiences as growing opportunities. It is easy to fight the growth and try to stay in some sort of comfort bubble. So I am glad they are shipping me off to a new place. It should help me do some learning and growing!

Love you all very much!

Surányi nővér