Week #24

Hello everyone!

Hú-ha! I am in a new city with a new companion! I didn’t realize how much Szeged became my home and comfort zone until I had to leave it. I really loved my experiences in Szeged, and as I look back, I can only see through rose coloured lenses. I am so grateful for my time there. I am still getting used to my new city of Kecskemét (pronounced kech-keh-mate) and the new missionaries here. I am working on opening my heart to them and making this my new home. I still feel a bit like a visitor, but I know the Lord can help soften me as I continue to pray and desire and work on settling in. :)

It has been windy and chilly all over the country this week, but the sun has been beautiful and shiny! I know the hot sun will come soon, so I am trying to appreciate the not-too-hot weather for the little while longer :)

I finished reading the last page of the last general conference Ensign this past Saturday morning, just in time for this conference! How perfect! I was able to watch three sessions of conference (in English too!) and they were so great and uplifting. I love hearing from our dear prophet and other apostles and church leaders. I appreciated all the messages about family. When we had the opportunity to sustain the prophet, I felt the Spirit again testify to my heart that Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet on the earth at this time. It was a wonderful feeling. I look forward to studying the talks from this conference and hope to get through a little faster this time :P

I went to Budapest twice in this past week! Once for transfers and once for conference. I still cannot find my way around there and am very grateful for other missionaries who have served there who help me get around! Haha! Did I mention that we take a train to and from Budapest? It feels really European taking trains across the country :) I like it!

Haha so, alot of missionaries have troubles pronouncing my name, which I completely understand, but this week a really funny situation came of it. So, in Kecskemét this week I have met a few of our investigators, and we were meeting with a woman and her son and they asked me if both of my parents were from Sudan. I told them that I had no heritage from Sudan. They assured me that my companion had told them that her new companion was going to be Sudani. My companion and I were very confused at this, and she assured them that she never told them that. After a little while it clicked in! Surányi not Sudani! It was very funny at the time, and we all got a good laugh out of it!

Oh here is another fun mishap that occurred before I arrived. Somehow the falsehood got perpetuated that I know how to play the piano well.So, I am the new ward pianist. And not only will I play for all the songs in church, but also the choir is performing. So my first Sunday with them (since there was no church this week because of conference) I will be playing for the choir and for the congregation. Haha! I have been trying to practice if I ever have time between lessons at the branch house and I hope the Lord will bless me with enough talent to let the people be able to sing. (No one else can play the piano is what I have heard). Well.. I hope they like just the right hand! haha. Oh dear. This is going to be fun.

I have already met some really neat investigators here in Kecskemét and look forward to getting to know them better. Since Papritz nővér and I originally “white washed” our area together in Szeged, we started fresh with no one to teach and built from there. It is interesting here where there are already people we are consistantly meeting with, and that my new companion already knows them because she has already been meeting with them. It makes me grateful for the work that missionaries before me have put in. It is a good new experience.

One hard thing is that the missionaries here in Kecskemét do not speak Hungarian as well as the missionaries in Szeged. (I didn’t realize how blessed I was in that aspect!) So I am not sure what kind of a dynamic that will cause, but so far we have been blessed to understand enough to be able to teach without too much difficulty. It is kindof a miracle. I will be forced to speak more now, so as long as I can learn from the Hungarians, then maybe this will be a better growing experience because I will not rely on others so much.

So hopefully I have given you a taste of what new experiences lay ahead of me. I can see areas where I will need to grow and learn and I hope to be able to look back at the end and be pleased with my efforts and growth.

I leave you with a giant bundle of my love,

Sudani nővér ;)