Week #25

Happy Easter everyone!

It is still a little weird to be away from my “greeny” area. But I am slowly getting more used to the city. I can find my way to church now which is good. My terrible directional disabilities are really exacerbated here where I cannot use the internet to look up maps and things like I normally would at home. Sometimes my companion gets me to “lead the way” to a place we have been a couple times. I put it in quotes because I always guess the directions wrong. :P I really hope that my spatial reasoning and visual recognition skills get better throughout my mission. :)

I think I may not have introduced you to my new district yet! There are four of us: May elder, Greaves elder, Hudspeth nővér and myself. The three of them really like gaming and anime, but they accept my naiveté on the matter. I think anime is a bigger culture than I realized. I am learning bits about it as we go haha. Greaves elder really likes to sing and quote movies, and he also knows a lot of jokes, so that is fun. We also like to come up with (sometimes highly unlikely) theories. May elder is from Alaska and likes to make fun of Canada. He is pretty good and knowing how to use “eh” in a sentence. Hudspeth nővér really likes to make up songs and she is really fearless when it comes to talking to strangers. She is a good example of courage! She really likes the idea of Canada (she is from Utah) so that makes up for May elder’s picking on me :P

A lot of our planned programs cancelled on us last minute this week, so hopefully next week will go more smoothly. Twice this week we tried dropping in on someone we could not get a hold of, and both times the outcome was really great. I really liked that!

This week my companion and I started making an Easter Egg Pinata. It is messy and fun. It is coming together rather slowly because we do not have much time to work on it, but it is fun! She also had me cut her hair this week. That was also fun because I had no idea what I was doing :)

Fun Hungarian tidbit of the week – there is a popular flavour of candy here which is menthol and things mixed with menthol. So a lot of the time candy people give us tastes like cough medicine. It is not that bad, but it is strange.

One good thing is that I am definitely understanding more Hungarian than before, but it is still hard because there is a lot I still do not understand. I feel bad when I cannot really tell what someone is saying to me. But I try my best to hang onto as many words as I can and then try to use parts of what they said to put together what I should say next. It is really an interesting challenge. It is especially hard to come up with something to say when I have no idea what they just said. I try my best to rely on the Spirit. Did I tell you that I developed an ambiguous face? haha! It is meant to convey either empathy or interest. And I’ve decided that depending on their mindset they will interpret it as the reaction they are expecting. It is great. A little awkward, but the best I can do. If I really stopped people every time I did not understand, they would get frustrated, so it is out of necessity that I pretend to understand more than I do. Good acting practice!

I have started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning in Hungarian and I am really enjoying it! I am about 15 chapters in and it is so great because I know the beginning so well in English that I can understand what I am reading! It is great!

I am also 3 chapters away from the end of the Book of Mormon in English, so I think I will finish it tomorrow. There is a really good feeling of getting through the book again and feeling the reconfirming witness of its truthfulness. The promise in Moroni 10 is such a blessing to me.

We are emailing early this week because of Easter, so next week I will have to let you know how church goes. I still haven’t met the ward yet because my only Sunday so far this transfer was spent in Pest. Oh yea, Kecskemét has a ward instead of a branch! And they are currently building a church building of their very own! (The current one is rented.) Kecskemét ward also happens to belong to the Stake wheras Szeged just belonged to the mission (I didn’t know that was possible to not be part of a stake! The things I learn from serving in a place where the Church is still getting its footing!) I look forward to meeting the ward, and hope to get to know the people quickly :) I met the bishop this week and it turns out I already knew him! I met him in Szeged when he was still part of the mission presidency and he held a meeting with us missionaries in Szeged.

All of the people we meet with seem to really like the sister whose place I have taken, but they are all very warm to me and accept me quickly. It is a good feeling. I look forward to getting to know them better and to finding more people to teach here. :)

I hope everyone has a happy Easter back home! I send my love!

Giant hugs!!

– Surányi nővér