Week #25 (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

A quick note!

I wont be able to write again for about a week and a half because we are switching our Pday next week, so I wanted to let you all know :)

Church was great this week! I felt really welcome, and my piano playing went alright too. I got to introduce myself at the pulpit and it went much better than last time (if you can remember what I said about where my brother is serving his mission :S :S )!

This week we have a challenge to try to speak to 300 people. For this goal, we were told that we can count them even if they don’t want to talk to us, as long as we tried. Normally we do not work that way and we generally do not count people, but it is an interesting goal that was given to our Zone for this week. Hudspeth nővér and I talked to over 70 people today. Most of them didn’t want to talk to us, but a few really good conversations happened and we had some good experiences. This goal is helping us talk to people who we maybe would normally not try to talk to. We are supposed to try to talk to everyone, so this goal will help us in the future to be better at that. It is still scary every time I approach someone, but a good growing experience!

Quick Hungarian thing: On Easter, boys spray girls with either water or cheap perfume, and the girls give chocolate to the boys. (Sounds way unfair to me! haha!)

Also for our Easter festivities, we finished our Pinata and got to brake it for Easter/Greaves elder’s birthday. We went to a park to do it and got a nice group of people who watched us, haha. It was fun. We had another “sajt nite” where we made and ate fried cheese. We watched an anime movie, and I actually really liked it. Who knew?! It was called Spirited Away and it was actually really good, a little weird, but good. I almost cried a couple times even.

We also made a quick movie at a member’s house on Easter. I will get my dad to post it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEjV-A5bQXo&feature=youtu.be We didn’t rehearse it or anything, but it was a fun thing to do for a quick Easter thing. The member offered to make it for us, so we accepted!

Oookie. No more time for me.

I leave you with love!

Surányi nővér