Week #26

Hello everyone!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote!

We went to Budapest again (surprise haha) this time for Zone Conference! I was incredible! I felt so much strength from gathering with other missionaries and our leaders. All the trainings were great. President Baughman (the mission president) took his training from the talk The Fourth Missionary. I love that talk SO much and it was a great topic to use for his training. I felt both comforted and chastized by the Spirit. (I always feel that way when I read that talk haha). But it was great to be trained and to discuss how to be a better missionary and how to not only bless as many other people as possible, but how to secure blessings for ourselves as well.

As Zone conference started they announced the program for the day and they announced that I would be leading the recitation of the Hungary Budapest MIssion Purpose. I don’t have it perfectly memorized yet and wasn’t prepared to lead, so it was a bit of an awkward and embarrassing experience (only for me of course, no one actually pays attention. But it was still embarrassing). Also, one of my favourite parts of conference was the departing testimonies given by the missionaries from our Zone who are going home at the end of this transfer. Neilson elder, who was in my district in my first transfer in Szeged, gave a beautiful testimony and it really touched me.

Most missionaries in Hungary have an Emlék Könyv (memory book) in which other missionaries write with whom you have served. At Zone conference, I got my Emlék Könyv back from the Szeged missionaries. Their entrees touched my heart so deeply. The entrees are also hilarious and there are lots of fun memories and pictures, but I am also so grateful for having had the opportunity to serve with such outstanding missionaries in Szeged. They were incredible warm and welcoming to me and I will cherish their words forever.

Yesterday I had a special opportunity to go on “splits”. Papritz nővér came here to Kecskemét for the day and my current companion served in Szeged. Elders do splits with the Zone Leaders onve every transfer, but Sisters do not get the opportunity as often. I really loved splits. I learned some really good lessons. One big lesson I learned is that I came to better understand my role here in Kecskemét. When I first came, I tried to fit into the mould of Kecskemét. I tried not to make any waves. I was trying to observe and see what everything was like so that I could fit in and pick up where was left off. I learned through splits that that is not the right way of approaching a transfer. I should not try to be filling someone elses shoes. I am here to make my own path. I am here to be myself and not worry about fitting into whatever was here before me. I do not know why I did not recognize that sooner, but I am grateful that Papritz nővér’s example helped me learn that. I look forward to splits again in the future so I can learn more new things. :)

AWW there is this 10 year old boy here in the ward named Erik and he is adorable and every time I talk to him I think of my little brother. It makes me love this little boy so much. He likes to count to 20 in German for me, because he can do it really really fast and I am always very impressed :) Ah he is so cute!

Did I mention our Zone goal of talking to 300 people last week? Hudspeth nővér and I succeeded! Woot!

We are going to see a play with the elders in a couple of hours and I really hope I understand hehe :) Then right after we have a baptism!! His name is Norbert :) Some of the Sisters who have taught him before are coming into town to attend the baptism. I think it is going to be a really wonderful experience for him and everyone present. The Spirit is always so strong at a Baptism. I can’t wait to be there and feel it! We (the missionaries and a couple members) are going to sing a song at the baptism. It will be held at a hotel because Kecskemét doesn’t have its own church owned building yet – but they are building one! I have seen the site and it should be done by Christmas they hope!!

Ah I met an adorable old lady in our ward here. We visited her home this week. She makes me excited to talk to my Grandma in Hungarian when I get home! We got along really well :) Next time she is going to tell me her conversion story.

I love the mail I get! Snail mail is growing on me :) I think I might actually be writing to more other missionaries around the world than I am to people from home. Such a neat experience!

Ah there is never enough time to satisfy my desire to write about what is going on here. I am slowly getting more used to Kecskemét. I didn’t get lost even once during splits when Papritz nővér was here! (and for me, that is an achievement)

I love and miss you all but am so grateful for my time to be here and learn and grow at an accelerated pace.

I leave you tons of Hungarian love!

Surányi nővér