Week #27

Hi everyone!

Every week I make a list of things that happen that I want to write home about. This week the only thing I wrote down is that my taste in ties has drastically changed over the mission. Haha and it really has! For example, I used to love silver ties with simple elegant patterns; now I like brown ties with orange flowers. Weird. My whole tie perception has changed. Haha I think it has something to do with all the Hungarian “tie bags” that the Elders buy here.

We went to see a play since I last wrote. Well… none of us understood it very well haha! Also, we were the only adults in the theatre who were not teachers. The theatre was packed full of children! It was adorable. The play was fun, and we got the main gist of it… but none of us really understood any of the dialogue. So different from my first area in Seged where I was the only missionary (other than the senior couple) who didn’t understand Hungarian. But the main idea was that there was a magician (who was not good at magic) and a young boy that go around to free a princess and find all sorts of members of a kingdom and reunite them all with their king. There were some songs and dances throughout and it was cute.

We had a baptism and a confirmation too!! The Spirit was so wonderful and strong! A couple investigators came to the baptism and a couple came on Sunday for the confirmation. One of the elders’ investigators told me that she was surprised at how much she could feel the Holy Ghost when Norbert was being confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so nice to hear that not only us missionaries were feeling it, but that everyone there could feel it too. Ah I loved it so much!

Playing piano in church is so interesting. I am blessed to feel calm enough, but at the same time my face always reddens and my heart-rate increases. The first week I felt the most calm. But I am trying to not make it about me and just play well enough so the people can sing. Overall it is fine and I notice more than anyone else, so pretty much I get the most benefit from it. I get to learn so much from trying to overcome the embarrassment and difficulty of it. I prefer my obvious trials! Piano playing and Hungarian are such tangible trials. They are so obvious. Its the sneaky ones that are harder. But I know the discomfort of the trials are just the Lord trying to sand off my rough edges and help me become a more smooth and beautiful person.

I love the mail that I receive and look forward to picking up mail everytime I go to mission headquarters in Budapest. :)

Later this evening Hudspeth nővér and I are teaching a lesson to three girls that we met on the street yesterday. We have planned a neat lesson on prayer and I look forward to teaching it. It is so unlike “real life” to meet with people all the time and talk about Christ’s gospel, but it really feels so good to do. Sometimes I can feel a little nervous about a meeting, but once we are in there and talking, I almost always feel really safe and comfortable. It is a wonderful experience!

:D A song just came on in the internet place that we used to listen to in Szeged! God loves me :) It’s another tender mercy of the Lord. Haha and out of nowhere my companion just handed me a piece of chocolate!! What could be better right now? Love it.

I love you all! Notice the small things! God knows you perfectly and He knows exactly what you need. Pray to Him often and you will begin to recognize His hand in your life.

I leave you with tons of love,

Surányi nővér