Week #28

Hi everyone!

A lot has happened, but let me first tell you about today!! The weather has gotten hot here, and today was no exception. Today we went to do service at a member’s home which is a farm. The four of us missionaries went, plus our ward mission leader and one other man from the ward. All four of us missionaries weren’t sure what kind of service we would be doing, but we knew it would be something to do with yard-work. When we got there, we didn’t really understand what people were saying, so we patiently tried to figure out what we were supposed to do. The home/farm belonged to a man and his wife and their daughter. The man went off and grabbed a chicken, and we missionaries joked together that he was going to go kill it. Well… he went around the corner with it and when he came back… dead chicken. And then he did it again. Then the wife takes them and dips them in hot water and starts pulling their feathers off. Then the four of us missionaries are lead out to a yard where we are shown how to turn and fertilize the soil. As we are about to start working on it, my companion and I got called back out of the yard. We were to help pluck the feathers of the other chicken!! My poor companion is a vegetarian, but she did a really really good job of staying calm. So… we de-feathered a dead chicken!!! It was still warm from being barely dead. It was kindof gross, but way too cool to pass up the opportunity, so it was awesome. I had no idea how easily the feathers come out! I thought it would be harder, but they come out without any effort really. So then as we are doing this they tell us how they are going to cook them and we are going to eat them later! After we de-feathered the chicken, they sent us back out to help the elders with the soil. It was really hard work. My hands and elbow and back are really sore now and tomorrow will probably be worse, but it was good to serve! I wish I had time to tell you everything that happened, but the whole service experience was really neat. They had a lot of animals and it was so interesting to see how they live and to help a little bit. The chicken tasted really good by the way! It was amazing to think.. I saw this chicken alive a few hours ago. I am so spoiled at home! I feel so lucky to have experienced the whole chicken ordeal today and that the people were willing to share their livestock with us. I feel like those two chickens probably represented a pretty good portion of money. Missions are crazy and amazing!!

Ah I don’t have much more time so I will just list a few quick things:

-This week I learned that my pupils are off-centre. merp. How did I never notice this before?
-We accidentally tracked into one of our investigators this week and he answered the door in his underwear!! Haha. It was right after my comp warned me that a lot of Hungarians don’t wear clothes at home in the summer. True. (He got clothes on after luckily).
-The Elders locked themselves out of their apartment this week and had to wait a day to get in.
– We have a really cute investigator who always brings us fruit when she meets with us :)
– we have an adorable old man investigator who I love!!! So cute!
– we had some INCREDIBLE member present lessons this week. Members help so so much. (especially because they speak Hungarian) haha.

Ah I have more, but time I have not.

I love you all at home! I love my mission! Things are harder than they have been yet, but I am grateful for the opportunities to recognize my weaknesses and to ask the Lord to help me work to turn them into strengths. I can see so much for me to grow into. I really hope I accomplish it!

Hungarian is still hard, but good. It is so so familiar now. Even when I don’t understand, it is still so familiar. I do my best to speak clearly and people are generally understanding me. I have been making more phone calls lately and am getting better at that too.

Tomorrow is another super pday and we are going to Szeged! Woot!!! And then next week is transfers!

So much to do, so much to learn!

Lots of love,

Surányi nővér