Week #29

Hey everyone!

First things first – transfer info! This morning (Monday) we all got our transfer calls and I am going to be going to serve in Pest with a Sister named Hall nővér. Big city here I come! Its right near Buda so I am sure we will see lots of great things on pdays. And hey, I am pretty used to city life, so I have no complaints! We all switch up on Wednesday!

This week went by really fast! There was a long weekend with another national work holiday so we had a Super P-Day. We went to Szeged for it! My “birthplace”. It was great to go back for a visit. Much of the zone was there, all but one companionship. I will have a picture next week to send. We had lunch at the senior couples’ place and then we went to the Synagogue (the same one we went to when I was in Szeged) and then we had a photo scavenger hunt (my team won!). The scavenger hunt was fun but also mildly torturous. My team was very competitive and so we literally ran around Szeged for an hour in 37 degree Celcius weather. Haha. But it was great. Lots of endorphins from it! Then we had a palacsinta night at the Adams’. It was a great day. We played card games and chatted and listened to music. It was fun. If you ever have the chance to play Slamwich, I suggest it. :)

This week we tried something new and went tracting and streeting with the elders a couple of times. I found it to be refreshing and fruitful. We talked to a good number of people and got to learn from each other as we worked together and observed how we each work. Hopefully we will find success as we begin meeting with some of the people we found through our combined efforts. Oh wow I’m leaving! So I wish them success :)

Another interesting thing from this week is that there were a lot of Graduation activities going on. There would be giant groups of people outside some of the schools and lots of people dressed up in nicer clothes. Different days different schools would have theirs it seemed. It also made for night time noise. From our apartment for the last few days it has sounded like there are night time roller coasters going on. Lots of moving cheering and hollering. The whole thing is kindof mysterious but I enjoyed the bits here that we experienced. One weird thing is that each graduating class has a big placard of all their pictures, and the placards are really randomly placed in store windows around the city. Strange tradition, but cool!

This past Sunday was Hungarian mothers’ day. Maybe for all of Europe even? And in church the children did a special mothers day presentation and all of the men also sang a song for the women. It was really adorable and sweet. The only scary thing was that as the men were gathering at the front to surprise the women with the song, the Bishop turns to me and says, “will you play hymn number 186?”. I had no idea whether I could play it, but we made it happen.

New experiences await me as I wind up my time here with one last day and then off to new things!

See you all next time from Pest!

Love you love you! Thank you so much for your time and thoughts and prayers, I appreciate them greatly and I know they make a positive difference in my life.


Surányi nővér