Week #30

Hi everyone!

Here I am now in Pest! Big city life! I have only been here a few days now, but so far it has been great! I really love serving with my new companion Hall nővér. She is from Arizona. We seem to always be singing some song. We’ve taken to talking to the dogs that bark at us, and pumping ourselves up with little sayings. The work is better when you keep high spirits. We haven’t had the opportunity to teach very many lessons together yet, but we have many planned for this upcoming week, so I look forward to it.

I received some wonderful mail this week! Thank you so much for writing me!!! <3

On my first full day here in Pest, Hall nővér and I talked to these 3 old "bácsi"s (old men) in a park near our house. They were SO adorable and SO hilarious. Alot of the time the old people we talk to are sad, so it was so wonderful and refreshing to talk to these hilarious old men! We loved them! Ah I love me a good group of "bácsi"s.

There is a rule in our mission where you are supposed so speak Hungarian whenever you are outside of your apartment, starting in your 4th transfer. This is my 4th transfer, and Hall nővér and I have been making a real effort to speak as much Hungarian as we can. I hope it increases our learning. She is the senior companion of our companionship and has been in the country about a year. I am glad she is obedient to the Hungarian speaking rule because then I can be obedient too! But as always, Hungarian is still really hard.

I met some of my "great-grand-kicsis" this week. One of the new greenies is from Canada near Toronto. He seems like a neat kid. It is weird seeing the new missionaries come in because I myself still feel so new. Weird.

This week was Mothers' Day so we got to call home! I talked to my parents on the phone on Sunday morning and it went by way too fast. They support my brother and I so much and I am so grateful for their help and love.

This weekend was Stake Conference, so all of the cities that belong to the Stake were invited to come to Pest for meetings on Saturday and Sunday. Although I did not understand everything that was said, I really enjoyed it. I appreciated the parts that I did understand, and I enjoyed the wonderful spirit that was there with us throught our meetings. They even had a special meeting for new members and investigators which was very interesting to me. One sort of funny thing is that in Pest there is always someone translating into English and people have headsets so they can hear it. Well that's not the funny part, the funny part is that as missionaries we are not allowed to listen to the headsets. Haha. It makes sense though. We need to learn. The senior missionaries and the mission president and his wife are allowed to listen to the headsets though. So they, who don't speak Hungarian, end up understanding a lot more than many of the missionaries. Ah irony. :)

Well I look forward to my time here in Pest! The transit system is very complex (for me) and I kindof follow my companion around like a blind bat. But hopefully soon I will begin to wrap my head around it!

I send my Hungarian love your way!

Love, Surányi nővér