Week #32


Bocsánat hogy annyira késtem a levelemmel!

I am writing so late this week because we had to switch our pday again, and we didn’t decide until after we wrote home last week. We switched because tonight we are going to go see Beauty and the Beast at a theatre in Buda! One fun thing is that we don’t know whether it will be in English or Hungarian. We are hoping Hungarian. The title is in English on the tickets we ordered, but so was “West Side Story” and that was in Hungarian when I went in Szeged. So we’ll see. We have really been looking forward to this!

This week was not as measurably successful as the previous. We are still trying our best though!

This week I am on a baby stint. I keep seeing people with their children and reading about families and just – ah!! I am so excited for when I have the opportunity to be a mom in the future. It always comes to mind how hard it must surely be, but seeing all these children makes me so excited for my own!!! Le sigh. It makes me feel so young to know how many more experiences lie ahead of me. It is a good feeling.

There have been some really crazy storms this week. The weather cannot make up its mind and it changes in an instant! Rain, thunder, lightening, sun, wind, calm, all unpredictably in a short time span. Luckily most of the time we have been inside when the weather was at its worst :)

Get this! There is a man from England in my ward here in Pest, and he looks just like he could work at Gringotts (minus any mean or scary-ness). I can’t wait to get to know him better. It makes me like him right away. (<3HP)

This week Hall nővér and I have added a "csoda" (miracle) box to our daily schedule. Every night during nightly planning we discuss what miracle(s) we saw during the day and then we check off the miracle box. It has been rewarding and wonderful. It even helps us during the day to keep our eyes open for "csodák" (miracles).

We have been blessed this week to witness some incredible changes happen inside people. On several occasions this week we would be talking to someone and they would be grumpy and uninterested. They would often complain about their lives, and this and that, and be quite negative. As we listen to them, ask them questions, and bear testimony to them of eternal truths, we have seen people change. For some reason, they soften. They begin to smile, and their attitude changes. It is so wonderful to see and feel.

We also had Zone Conference this past week. It was wonderful to catch up with some other missionaries and to discuss and receive trainings. I love Zone Conference and find such uplift in the moments when I get to interact with other missionaries.

I love you all and will write again in a few short days!

Love, Surányi nővér