Week #33

Hi everyone!

It has only been a couple of days since I last wrote, but I do not want to give up another opportunity to write. Besides, it is almost like another journal for me to look back on when I get home! Oh selfish motives :P

One of the most big and shiny things that have happened lately is the musical that Hall nővér and I went to see on Friday – Beauty and the Beast. Ah! It was SO GOOD. Amazing even! It was in Hungarian and there were English surtitles (if that it what they’re called). The cast was BIG. The singers and dancers were extremely talented. The choreography was lively and interesting and entertaining. They had gymnasts! The orchestra was wonderful. We had great seats. They even made the theatre smell like roses at the end!!!! I nearly cried I was so happy! The Beast even floated up into the air as he transformed at the end. AH it was SO GOOOD. The theatre was in a ritzy part of town that I have never seen before. High end stores everywhere, and restaurants and many theatres. It was a wonderful wonderful experience.

Aside from that, Hall nővér and I have continued to press forward with our work. A lady we met in a park last week came to church this Sunday and absolutely loved it. She was a little grumpy when we first met her and spoke quite negatively. But at church, she was smiling and happy and even signed up to come next weekend to help make sandwiches for a youth activity! Amazing!

I like to notice the things, that I experience as a missionary, that I would probably never experience if I hadn’t have come: As a missionary you talk to a lot of strangers. Sometimes someone just opens right up and starts to tell you all about their life. I can feel the person’s sincerity as they share their memories. It is so evident that some people just need someone to listen for a while. Most often these people are not prepared to hear our message, but we get to serve them by listening to them. We show them that God loves them. We are a living example that they matter and that what they think and feel is important to someone. These people often tear up as we gently listen to them. It is incredible. Only as a missionary would I have this experience so frequently. I am so grateful I get to experience this.

There is so much to be learned from living a missionary schedule and by missionary rules. There are certain things required of us and there are certain freedoms for us to plan our own ways to complete our work. I am learning so much from it and being changed inside as I try to live more and more like the example Jesus Christ set. It is hard sometimes to keep going, but I always feel better when I do the thing that I know is right even though it’s usually not the thing that is easy.

I know there are other ways to learn some of these lessons, and I look forward to seeing the growth that has occurred in many of you as you have gone along your own lives and lived and learned through your own experiences. I know I can learn more from you when I return home and see you all again. Even small things can make a difference. We are an example to everyone who sees us and all with whom we come in contact.

I love this growth I am experiencing and maintain a positive view of the future. There are so many big things in my life that haven’t happened yet! I look forward to experiencing them!

With lots and lots of love,

Surányi nővér