Week #34

Hi everyone!

Ah another week has gone by!

My companion and I succeeded in fulfilling the 21-day mission challenge that ended this past Sunday. As a reward we have received a Super Pday and next week will be getting some sort of trinket from Sister Baughmann (the mission president’s lovely wife). For our Super Pday my comp and I are going to Szentendre which is a city an hour away from Budapest. I have heard it is very cute but I dont really know anything about it. I will let you know next week!

This week I got peed on by a dog, and pooped on by a bird!!! What are the chances?!?! It was gross. But I hear that getting pooped on by a bird is lucky… so I guess its not so bad? Hah.

Welly welly. Hungarian is really hard. But I think any language is hard. You have to literally memorize how to say everything. It is not enough to have a large vocabulary and know how to conjugate verbs. You need to know how the people use the language. Do you sit in the bus or on the bus? Do you remember about something or do you just remember it directly? etc. The knowledge needed to speak like a native is GIGANTIC: In the MTC my goal was to speak like a native by the end of my mission. I still desire that… but I think a more likely goal would be to speak well and understand well. Haha. However I have not lost hope. It is just a continuing miracle that somehow we continue on and get by even though we are bad at the language and don’t understand very much. So amazing really.

This week my companion and I met with the Bishop and his wife at their home. We wanted to meet with him to ask him some things and to see if we could help the ward in any way and to build a better relationship with him. I felt so warm inside the whole time we were there. He is such a warm hearted man and so is his wife. They were such a pleasure to be with. I felt so strengthened by meeting with them and I know that he is a good man and a good leader and that the people here in Pest are lucky to have him as a bishop. He and his wife also love each other very much. It is so sweet to see the people interact with such natural affection for one another. You see love in their eyes – not something based on the physical or the temporal – something lasting and beautiful. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with them again!

So many strangers we talk to are negative and see the world as a hard and bad place. Then others are more positive and try to grasp onto truth and be good people. However many of the positive people still look so down-trodden. Life will always always have hard times and trials and pains. We wouldn’t learn a thing without them. But I know – I know – that we can be truly happy throughout it. There will be feelings of sadness, times of sorrow and pain, but there is a God whose plan is for us to be happy people, now during this earth life, and then for eternity. It is hard to see people who have no sight of that. Who feel so weighed down by the bad things in their life. An eternal perspective is necessary to be able to really get the fulness of hope in us. I try to keep the hard times in perspective and feel I am a happy person because of it.

I have run out of time, but I send my love in copious amounts!

Love, Surányi nővér