Week #35

Hello everyone!

Guess what?! We got transfer calls this morning! I am staying here in Pest and my new companion will be Roney nővér! She is one of my “ősi”s from the MTC! We are both excited to serve together. She will be my senior companion because she has been in the country longer than I have, but I will be “area senior”. Luckily there is no real extra responsibility that comes with being area senior – it just means that I have been in the area longer. You will probably recognize Roney nővér because there are some pictures of her already on the blog :)

This weekend we had a Cövek Sport Nap (Stake Sport Day) and it was really fun! The weather was incredible! There was table tennis and a giant soccer tournament. About 150 people came. It was an all-day event, so I wasn’t able to be there the whole time, but I enjoyed my time there. I played a little table tennis with one of our investigators and did some cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, etc outside with a member and investigator. I almost got to play soccer, but it is better that the members get to play and enjoy their sport day. A couple of members brought their guitars and played some great music and sang in beautiful harmony and I stopped in to listen to them for a while. They were both Hungarians but sang beautiful English. I almost cried when they played and sang “The Sound of Silence”.

This Sunday I did a new thing! I translated for the first time on my mission! It was a very simple task, but it felt good to do it for the first time. In the Young Women’s meeting (girls ages 12-18) the English and Hungarians meet together at the beginning and I was asked to translate into English. It was a non-stressful environment and I didn’t have to translate in real time, because they would stop speaking and give time for me to translate. I am glad to have been able to help. Even though my Hungarian skill level is still quite low and my vocabulary is very small, I was able to help in a small way and feel like I was part of two cultures working together.

This week many of our programs cancelled on us. That gave us a lot of time for tracting. The weather has been quite hot, but it feels good inside to know we are doing our missionary responsibilities.

I received news today that 2 girls in Szeged that I also met with when I was there are going to join the church! Ah it made me so happy to hear!! They have already seen blessings in their life from deciding to live according to the commandments of God and I know they will be further blessed as they join the church and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion and help from our Father in Heaven. It really does make me happy when I see other people become happy too. I also heard that a man the Elders were meeting with in Szeged when I was there is now baptized. Ah! So great!

I look forward to sharing new experiences with you as I get my new companion this transfer. I really only have 10 months left. It sounds eternal and short at the same time. I am trying to really make the best of it. It is so easy to want to be lazy and want to take a break, but I know I only have a short time to really concentrate all my efforts on serving the Lord, and I know I will be disappointed in myself if I do not serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. Last week I was literally falling asleep on the bus one afternoon – I was fighting sleep – and it felt good. I felt that I must have worked hard.

I send my love and the assurance that I am healthy and happy!

– Surányi nővér