Week #36 (a few days Early)

Hi everyone!

I am emailing from Szeged! (It is Friday.) My new companion, Roney nővér, and I took the train out to Szeged this morning to attend a baptism that will be this evening! Today is a bit cooler than it has been in the last few days. It has been up to 40 degrees (Celcius) this past week. It is hard to sleep in this heat, but it is a new experience and makes me thankful for temperate Vancouver weather :)

I am loving serving with Roney nővér. I feel very comfortable with her and I feel we get along quite naturally. I feel that when we teach together we share the speaking time really well. Neither of us goes on a long spree – we take turns speaking and asking questions and switch off frequently. It really feels like teamwork.

We also haven’t gotten lost yet, which is impressive because I am so bad at directions. Luckily I am alright with maps, so we have been using the maps and bus schedules and so far always found our way to where we needed to go.

This past Wednesday was transfers and I had to say goodbye to my trainer, Papritz nővér, who went home now at the end of her mission! Wowee, it was a strange feeling and a reminder that the real world is still back home for us when we are done here. It also helped remind me to work as hard as I can now, because it will end soon and I never want to feel that I didn’t work as hard as I could or should have.

Roney nővér and I are continuing to SYL (Speak Your Language – which means we speak Hungarian when we are outside of our apartment) and I think it will be a good way to learn. We have been asking people on transit for help with words and it has been going really well. We are learning new words and also getting to have friendly conversations with Hungarians.

Roney nővér and I are going to try to plan our pdays well so that we can see a few neat things in the city while we serve together. I look forward to it.

Oh! And there is a new greenie Elder in Pest. He seems really happy and willing and capable. Roney nővér and I look forward to getting to know him a little better and hope to help him enjoy his first experiences here in the country. He is from northern California.

We have began meeting with a couple of new people this week. It is always interesting to go into a first lesson. You often do not know the person very well yet, so we try to get to know each other a little bit and then help present our message in a way that they will understand and relate to. It is so evident that missionary work cannot succeed without the help of the Spirit who can guide us to know what to say and how so that the person we are meeting with can feel the truth for themselves. We will never be able to convince anyone with our words (especially with our level of Hungarian) so it is vital that the person receive their own answer from Heavenly Father as they read the Book of Mormon themselves and ask in prayer to know if the things we teach and the things they read are true. It is incredible to see people develop and become happier and more peaceful inside. I know I feel that way in my life because I chose to find out the truth for myself. I am so much happier and am filled with a much deeper sense of peace which replaces the fear that so often tries to creep in. I would never give it up for anything.

I send big armfuls of my love and thank you again for your continued support,

Surányi nővér