Week #38

Hi everyone!

Here are a few things that we did this week here in Pest.

Roney nővér and I cooked Rakott Krumpli (stacked potatoes). SO DELICIOUS. It lasted us 5 meals. I really want to make it when I get home, but many of the ingredients will not be quite the same. We decided that it is so delicious that it is worth a try using American ingredients. It is layers of potatoes and cheese and kolbász and tejfől and eggs. YUM. This week we are making lecsó, which is like a pepper-tomato stew.

This week we went to Sport Nap at the church and played basketball. It was fun. I am not very good at basketball but I did my best.

We went “tabling” with the Pest Elders this week. We set up a table and talked to people and gave away copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets and things. The greenie, Magda elder, was really brave and talked to people all on his own. It was great to see his example of fearlessly serving. (I never talked to strangers on the street without my trainer when I was a greenie!).

Magda elder and I have been asked to sing a duet for a musical concert that will be in a couple weeks. We had our first practice this weekend and the song is really pretty. We are doing a version of Be Still My Soul written for a male and female voice. Our pianist is one of the sister missionaries in Buda and she plays incredibly. I really hope I do not get nervous as the concert. I will pray for confidence!

I translated in Young Women’s this week. There was one English speaking girl there and so I was asked to sit by her and translate for her in real time for the hour. It was neat. It was very low pressure (and she wasn’t really paying attention to me anyway) so it felt like a really good practice. I look forward to really understanding Hungarian a lot more and to be able to say what I want to say and to makes less mistakes saying it. At this point I can communicate alright. But I have to ask for a lot of clarification and I make innumerable mistakes when I speak. I know I have come a long way from when I started though. Some people think our accents are cute, and I am glad. It makes me feel less worried about talking to them.

Last PDay Roney nővér and I went to a lot of sights in Buda. We went to Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastian, Matyás Templom, Vaci street, and Szent István Baszilika. We did a lot of walking. It was great and felt so European!

The weather here is still excruciating. It has been hovering around 40 degrees. Sleeping is hard too. But somehow we grin and bear it and it all works out okay. We have one little fan at home that we hover around whenever we can. I am grateful for Vancouver weather so much more now :) Ill try to remember that the next time I am home and it rains for 2 weeks straight :)

Roney nővér and I feel the same way about a lot of things and have a lot the the same opinions and are often thinking the same things. We have developed a game where we try to point out things that we think the other person will not have the same opinion about. But usually we end up in laughter because the other actually feels the same way and for the same reasons too. It is hilarious. I love Sister Roney.

Today we are going to a restaurant with a couple other missionary companionships. Neither Roney nővér nor I have been there but we have heard so many good things from all the other missionaries who have gone in the past. It is called Trofea Grill. It is a buffet and apparently super “rendes” and delicious and fantastic. I look forward to it.

I look forward to this upcoming week. We planned to go tabling with the elders again and we are also going to have our Budapest Zone Conference. It is also going to be our first Zone Conference with the new mission President so he is going to interview each of us individually. I look forward to it.

I send you my love and well wishes!

Love, Surányi nővér

Oh p.s. I thought of a funny thing. When Hungarians hang up the phone, many of them feel they need to say goodbye multiple times. Sometimes they will repeat it 5 times in a row and you just sort of have to trail off and hang up the phone. It is so funny.