Week #41



This morning was transfer calls, and we got the call to stay together :D :D I could not be happier. Seriously. Not possible.

And if that was not enough, I found out that my brother just got called to be Assistant to the President in his mission in France. THAT’S MY BROTHER! I could not be prouder of him. Did I already share that Roney nővér’s uncle is my brother’s mission president? So I also get to hear little tidbits through emails that get sent to her, and it sounds like my brother is doing an incredible job as a missionary. That boy is one of my heroes.

This week we had the concert that we have been preparing for for the last month. It went over really well. I was really nervous about singing my duet and Roney nővér was nervous about her speaking part. We both said prayers – together and personally – that everything would go well. In the end everything went wonderfully. After I sang I really knew that the Lord was blessing me to succeed in my performance. It felt so wonderful. I was so scared and my hands were shaking, yet my voice came out strong and the Spirit filled the room. People told us (Magda elder and I) how much they could feel the Spirit when we sang and a few people even cried. I hope to one day no longer be nervous to sing, but I was grateful that the Lord could bless me to succeed even through my weakness and nerves.

Sister Roney and I have been taking films lately to help keep memories. We have filmed some of our investigators (with their permission of course) and also some of our daily activities. It has been a lot of fun!

I think it is due to the heat, but many nights bring extreme storms. There is heavy rainfall, strong wind, and crashing thunder and lightning. The other night we opened our windows during the storm and we ended up having a storm in our apartment! It was so fun! It rained inside and papers flew across the rooms. It was funny because less than an hour previous we were sitting before the fan during our weekly planning trying to cool off from the hot muggy weather.

We met one man earlier this week whose name is Gyula. He is hilarious and eccentric and in his 50s. Later in the week we ran into him again. We were drinking chocolate milk from a bag (they sell it that way here). For some reason he couldn’t handle that we were drinking chocolate milk. He was happily talking to us but kept commenting on the milk and pretending he had to look away. At the end he couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled the bag out of my mouth before I was finished. HAHA it was hilarious! Sister Roney and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at it. He took her bag too and said he would throw them out for us. It was so funny. He laughed too. Ah this mission brings such strange experiences. I love it.

We are continuing to work hard. We meet with people and then go out and try to find more when we have no programs. It is hard to go out in the heat for hours but we bring water and pray for strength. Dogs are crazy. A few people this week were extra rude to us, but somehow it never hurts my feelings when they are strangers. People yell at us sometimes. People tell us to go back to where we came from. People tell us we are stupid. But somehow it is not hurtful. I know we did not do anything to merit that treatment, which is one thing that helps. And another is that I know people just misunderstand us. They judge us without taking the time to hear what we would like to share with them. I feel blessed to not feel hurt by them. And I know it is worth being rejected hundreds of times to see the smile on someone’s face as they feel the joy that we do, for the reason that we do.

I hope things are well back home. I look forward to making the things I learn here part of my life back home.

I send my love!

– Surányi nővér