Week #42

Hello everyone!!

The weather is very very hot! Its been hovering around 40 degrees Celcuis! I know I will be grateful for Vancouver weather when I get home :)

This week was transfer week, but as you know I did not have to transfer :) Sister Roney and I are loving being together. We achieved mission standard this week, which feels good after putting in hard work.

Our new district leader is Elder Headrick – who I know from my group in the MTC. He has been wonderful already in this short time. We have gone out “tabling” together as a district already and he has already been inclusive and kind on several occasions. We are really grateful to have Headrick Elder with us. He and Elder Magda are a great team and we love serving with them in Pest.

I got to say goodbye this week to Elder Moffett, a missionary who was in my very first district in Szeged. He has finished his mission and gone back home. He was such a good example to me of a hard-working missionary. He was also very kind and extremely accomplished at the language. He made me think and hope that all missionaries would be like him. He set a good standard for what I think missionaries should be like. I am grateful to have served around him, and I like to imagine that my brother is something like him over in France.

I have been practicing my beat boxing skills (or lack thereof) and Sister Roney and I have been performing the “Taco Bell rap” for some of the other missionaries. Sister Roney and I are always finding ourselves smiling and laughing and enjoying our time together as we do the work and aim to improve and be better missionaries.

We are short on time this week or I would write more!

I send my love!!!

<3 Surányi nővér