Week #45

Hello everyone!

This week has been a good one. Sister Roney and I almost got standard but we needed one more member present lesson. (We got “dogged” a couple times this week). I really love my mission president, He is a caring and kind man and I also believe he is called of God to lead us here in Hungary. I trust him and enjoy seeing him when I have the chance.

This week I had a small hard experience, but luckily it only lasted a little while. I prayed for emotional healing and I really felt a difference after I read the scriptures and prayed. The Lord really can heal us emotionally. I know it because I have experienced it many times – especially on my mission.

Lots of good things happened this week too. We have met with a lot of new people this week. It is always a little stressful and exciting to meet with someone new. THis morning we met with someone new and she is adorable! She has 3 young kids and wants us to come back and teach her and the kids. This week we had a “streeting let-in”. Someone we met on the street invited us to their home right then and there. Afterward, I mentioned to Sister Roney how strange it is that it is not commonplace to us to saunter into strangers’ homes. We feel comfortable with it. It is so interesting.

I wonderful couple from Angolóra (the free English class we teach) invited us over for dinner this week. They were so kind and I enjoyed being around them. The food was DELICIOUS. The only problem was the sheer amount they felt they should feed us. They stuffed us past the brim! They even sent us home with leftovers! They fed us hús leves, pörkölt, nokedli, uborka saláta, palacsinta (3 kinds!), and ice cream. They also made rantott hús but we were way too full to eat it. We kept telling them that they were treating us like royalty. They had a small but very comfortable and well organized apartment. It felt like a good home. Sister Roney brought the guitar and we sang for them after dinner. They loved it and even filmed us to remember, haha.

SUNDAY WAS NOT BOILING HOT! It was amazing! There was wind and not too much sun! I think it will last for a little while. I have heard Hungarians talking about a “cold front”. I think this is it! YAY.

Every week our mission president write a general letter (email) to all the missionaries and every week we are expected to write a letter to him. This week I thought I would copy a portion that I wrote in my letter to him:

“With every passing day, I am aware that the lessons I am learning here on my mission are eternal lessons. I am not just doing things, but becoming someone. I know it is a slow and gradual process, but I am grateful that I get to experience it. I really feel that if I had stayed home, I would be missing out on lessons and skills needed to prepare me for motherhood, wife-hood, work, service, and also eternal life. Sometimes I feel that the Lord wants me to learn faster and change more, so I use that as a driving force to help me to move forward. I am so grateful for the Atonement because I know without it I would be lost.”

I probably have voiced (written) those thoughts before in previous emails, but I really do feel that this mission is blessing me more than I am blessing others. I can’t focus on me though, or else it stops working. Like we learn from the Bible, he who loses his life for Christ’s sake shall find it. When I forget myself and concentrate on the work I have been called to do, then I gain the most from it personally. It is an incredible paradox.

I am still loving all the moments I spend with my companion and hope I am remembering to fully appreciate her. She is an incredible example to me and I learn a lot from being around her.

I send my love to you all back home and hope you are taking the time to learn whatever lessons are afforded by your current trials and situations. I know that with the Lord’s help, we can overcome anything and learn everything we need to help us overcome future trials. I know working hard in this life is worth it. All things can be made right and fair through the Atoning sacrifice of our Saviour Jesus Christ. True happiness will come by not running away from our trials, but by climbing the mountains ahead of us.

Love, Surányi nővér