Week #46

Hello Everyone!

I am doing well :) Next week are transfer calls and I am nervous. eep. But I am focusing on the now, because serving with Roney nővér is incredible!

Here are some things that happened this week:

– We went to “város liget” – which means city grove – with a couple of investigators and it sortof reminded me of Stanley Park back home. There is a bathhouse there that looks like a palace. There are statues and walking paths and trees and little ponds. Nearby there is also the Budapest Zoo and an amusement park. It was fun walking around and taking pictures and seeing a beautiful part of Pest.

– Roney nővér and I wore matching shirts again at Sport nap for the 4th week in a row. Awesome. We played indoor soccer and basketball and table tennis. The investigators that come enjoy it, and we missionaries enjoy it too. There were about 15 people there this week.

– The weather has been warm, but not excruciatingly hot!

– After our district meeting on Wednesday, the 4 of us had lunch together, which Roney nővér and I provided. We called it a picnic and we all really enjoyed it. (It was really fancy… ramen noodle soup, pretzel sticks dipped in Nutella, PomBar chips, and chocolate). Haha not very healthy, but fun and delicious. The Elders were very appreciative which made the whole experience more enjoyable.

– We got “dropped” this week by one of our investigators that has been meeting with missionaries for a long time. (Dropped means they don’t want to meet with us anymore). It was a sad experience for both us and him. I really loved him and will miss meeting with him. Something good I can take from it is that I am glad he knew we would understand. He didn’t feel like he had to meet with us if he didn’t want to. He knew we teach in such a way that we are not pushy or threatening. Although I feel sad that he is rejecting what we teach, I feel happy that we are still friends, and happy to know that we come across as gentle teachers.

– We ran into some church members that we know from Szeged and Kecskemét this week! Since Pest houses the Stake Centre, we get to see some members from other wards as they gather for stake activities. It was fun to run into them again. It is especially rewarding to be able to actually talk to them now that our Hungarian is a bit better.

Missionary work is hard work, but when I accepted my call, I promised the Lord I would do the things He asks of me. One of the hardest parts for me is doing the things that scare me. I am grateful to have such a supportive companion who I trust and love. Doing things together makes it so much better. I know that feelings of fear hold me back. They hold me back from helping other people, and hold me back from blessings. So I work to not allow the fear to stop me. This week I am going to focus more on replacing the fear with faith. I know in my mind what is right, but it can be hard to make myself do it. If I allow my faith to be stronger than my fear, a lot more blessings come to myself and to those around me too. It is so worth it.

I know I have already changed for the better since I have left my home almost a year ago. But it is not enough for me. I want more and I want better! When I can see the things holding me back, that’s when I can attack them head on. I hope I get better at pushing down stumbling blocks and overcoming obstacles faster and better. I want to be wonderful. I want to be obedient to the Lord. I want to be a joy for everyone to be around. I want to radiate the love of Christ. I want to be fantastic!

Your support from back home is helping me become those things I want to be! I am so grateful for your love and kindness and time.

Make sure you know who you want to be. Most likely, the winds of life will not take you there if you let their random ebbs and flows guide you. Become who you want to be and do it on purpose. It is worth the effort!

I send my love!

– Surányi nővér