Week #47

Hello everyone!

Whawee what a week!! Roney nővér and I worked hard, and many little situations worked out, and we ended up achieving Mission Super Standard together! I don’t even know what stories to pick! This past week has felt like 3. Hűha!

This week we taught a lesson to a family at our church building and we decided to do a lesson that has an accompanying drawing (we call it “the zigzag first” or “dispensations”). We decided that I would do the drawing (on a whiteboard) while Sister Roney and I would teach them and ask questions and explain etc. As I was drawing and the program was going smoothly, I realized how amazing it was that I was doing what I was doing. I can remember when my trainer would be the one drawing and I would be listening and hardly understanding anything and barely contributing to the lesson. Now I was the one leading the lesson and having all eyes on me and knowing what was going on. Luckily Sister Roney also knew, so we shared the task of teaching, but It felt so amazing! I really have learned since getting here!

We have a less active member that we meet with weekly. This week he showed up a little early (we were still in another program) and he started shooting hoops in the gym with a couple other members who happened to be there. After our program we came in and shot a few hoops with them. Then one man suggested we put up the volleyball net. So we did. We didn’t have a volleyball so we used a little polka-dotted rubber kids ball. 6 of us played volleyball with it (4 games to 21) and it was a hoot! We all enjoyed ourselves and were jokingly competitive with one another. It was four grown men and sister Roney and I. It was hilarious. Not only was it fun for us, but we were so happy to have the less active member enjoying himself with some of the other members. We felt it was so great for him to not just sit in a little room with us two missionaries, but to spend some time with some of the members. We all loved it so much that we decided to do the same this coming week. What a great program!

We had some wonderful programs this week and some awkward ones as well. It would be as interesting without the awkward ones. The most interesting and intense of the more awkward programs occurred yesterday afternoon. It involved 12 Roma family members, gaudy golden furniture, them watching us eat large amounts of food, them all yelling over one another (My Big Fat Greek Wedding style) and everyone asking us the same questions at different times. We brought a guitar and sweetly sang to them. They loved it. They all wished upon us to have good husbands. It was so funny and so intense. It was so loud with everyone shouting over one another and so interesting to be two little white girls in the midst of them all watching us. We tried our best to be good representatives of Jesus Christ and to be a joy to them. They seemed to like us and invited us to come back and eat with them again and visit. But… I will not be going back because…

Transfer calls were this morning! I am being sent to Miskolc to serve with Sister Hudspeth. It will be a new Zone for me, I will belong to the East Zone. And Sister Roney is training!!! She is getting a little greenie! If you remember the lingo from emails long ago, this will make me a father. I will be her greenie’s “dad” because I was her “mom’s” last companion. I plan to support the little greenie from afar. Sister Roney is such an incredible missionary. We received the transfer call from the Mission President himself (because he calls all those who will be training). He said such kind and wonderful things to and about us both. He said he is sad to have to split us up. He said he would love to leave us together for the rest of our missions if it were possible. He is so kind. He gave so many compliments to each of us as he extended our new placements to us.

I have heard some really good things about Miskolc and Sister Hudspeth is really looking forward to me coming there. I think it will be a good experience. President Smith explained to me that he feels I can be a very positive influence there in Miskolc, and I trust that his call is truly an extension of the will of the Lord. I look forward to experiencing whatever awaits me there!

I am so grateful to have had the chance to serve two full transfers with Roney nővér- She has been an incredible example to me. She has also been a positive influence, a great companion to work beside, and a joy to be around. I never had a moment that I didn’t love being beside her (which is rare when you are stuck with someone 24/7). I also heard from my trainer (“mom”) today, which brought back wonderful memories of the beginning of my mission and how much I loved and depended on my trainer.

Packing is stressful! Haha. It is hard to put your whole life into 2 suitcases and lug it around. It is so worth the stress though. It will also make me more grateful for my home when I return. :)

By the way, Hungarian food is SO delicious. I don’t know why we don’t make more of it in Canada. Why don’t we have tejföl? Where are the turorudi? Where is the paprikás krumpli and fasírt? I can’t think of a Hungarian food I haven’t liked. (No surprise my face is looking chubby in the pictures. I look forward to normal exercise when I get home.) We love telling Hungarians how much we like their food. They always feel proud as we list all the things that we don’t have back in (North) America. We also always get stuck when they ask what traditional American food is. All this talk of food is making me hungry!

I send my love!

– Surányi nővér