Week #48

Hello everyone!

What a week! It feels like it has been much longer than one week since I last wrote! A week ago I was still in Pest. Now I am safe and sound in Miskolc with my new, old, companion Sister Hudspeth.

Guess what I got to do again?! I got to cut her hair for her. Haha! Even though I have no idea how to do it properly, she asked me to do it. I did my best to be careful and patient as I cut. Luckily she just wanted it all one length. She is happy with how it turned out so I am glad!

She has also cooked for us several times already. I am blessed that she likes to cook and I am learning some simple and delicious ideas from her.

We have had some wonderful programs together already here in Miskolc. Since I am new here I have taken the opportunity to ask the investigators about their testimonies and how their lives have changed since they started meeting with the missionaries and taken the message to heart. Some of their experiences have been so touching to me. They remind me of my own experience with searching to find the truthfulness of the things I learned from childhood. I am grateful for the people who we meet with and that many of them are good examples to me. I feel it a blessing to meet with them.

We had a funny experience the other day where Sister Huspeth left me! By accident though. As a missionary rule you always have to stay with your companion. We were traveling by villamos and she said we had reached our stop. We both get off. Then with no warning she gets back on. I am confused. Then I see her looking around for something. My guess was that she had dropped something. Before she finds it, the doors close and the villamos leaves. Haha! I just waited at the stop and she returned shortly. It was so funny.

The mission has changed a little in that the districts have gotten bigger. Before, each city was its own district, generally with 2 companionship in it. Now they have paired up cities and made the districts bigger. So, starting next week we will travel to another city Eger every week for a district meeting. I look forward to it.

I still feel a little lost in this new city and look forward to figuring things out and getting my head around the work here. What a cool experience it is to travel to different cities and learn to make it home and to do as much good there as possible. I really hope I can do some good here.

I send my love! I hear there are some beautiful areas near by and hope to travel to some of them on future pdays with Sister Hudspeth. You’ll hear about it if I do!

love, Surányi nővér