Week #49

Hello everyone!

Wow what a week! It feels like it has been three. We achieved mission standard this week, which always helps me feel like the Lord accepts my efforts and is blessing me with some measure of success. I am grateful for that.

I am working on being more brave. I have consciously tried to do things this week even though I feel afraid. I never regretted any time I tried to push out of my shell more.

A man we talked to on the street this week was really quite rude to us and was personally insulting us. It is interesting to experience that. Most of the time people will say untrue things about God, but when they personally insult us it feels different. I think it makes me stronger. It is interesting to stop and evaluate after talking to someone who says things like that and think.. well, let’s just move on. It kind of puts into perspective how much the things that strangers think or say do not really matter. If we chose to be hurt or slowed down by one rude person, it would be so counter-productive. I would learn a lot less if every person I spoke to was nice. SO in a way, I am grateful for rude people! :)

We had Zone Training this week. I had to ask my companion if that was really this past week. It feels forever ago. It was good. Our Zone came here to us in Miskolc. There are only 4 proselyting Sister missionaries in our zone (and 16 elders I think). It didn’t really feel any different though, it was just interesting to notice. The trainings were about companionship unity, and about goal setting. We have some new practices in the mission now and some new numbers to keep track of. It is interesting as the inner workings of missionary work become second nature to us.

My companion has continued to cook me delicious food, which is great for my tastebuds and terrible for my figure. YUM.

As a random thought: next door to this email place in this mall is a tattoo salon and we have been hearing the tattoo pen going since we arrived. So weird. Someone is getting a tattoo just a few meters away. I am pretty sure it is out in the open too. Oh Europe.

I talked to Sister Roney this week and she said that people from Pest had sent greetings for me. We played an unplanned game where she quoted what they said, and I had to guess who the greeting was from. It was so funny and I was quite accurate too. I have learned so much from her.

I think about my family a lot and they are the biggest reason why I miss home. Living in Hungary is showing me how much culture plays a role in who you are. I am impressed with anyone who moves to live in a different culture. It would be really hard to feel at home I think. I am so grateful for Sundays, because I feel so safe and comfortable when I partake of the sacrament each week and feel the Spirit who is always present there. I feel safe and good here in Hungary, but it is different from home. The people and language make everything different. It shows me how far I am from seeing things the way God does. He sees us all as equals and in God’s kingdom, there are no cultural differences. I look forward to living that way!

Sister Hudspeth and I are going to go to Lillafüred after we email. I hear it is an extremely beautiful place. I hope so! I will send pictures next week.

I send my love and well wishes!

Love, Surányi nővér