Week #52


I feel like I have been typing for hours already today, so I hope I have enough remaining coherence to write this!

First of all, I will have you all know that I am smiling. I just feel good right now, and the smile is kind-of resting on my face. Maybe it will fade, but it is pretty permanent right now. Picture it. Good. :)

If my memory serves me right (which is not always sure) this week will mark my 1 year mark since leaving home. It really has felt like a year. Does it feel to you all that you haven’t seen me in a year? I am so completely consumed by my own current adventure that it is so hard to imagine how you all at home are changing and growing too! I hope I am not accidentally insensitive to your changes as I focus on my own. I will have to take care to be perceptive when I return!

I had the special opportunity this week to speak a bit with my beloved “mama” Papritz nővér. She is still supportive of me, and helped me understand a little more the struggles that arise upon returning home. I am grateful she is opening my eyes a little so I can be more prepared when the time comes to go home. I really have had some incredible companions and experiences on my mission so far!

My favourite experiences this week have been with teaching families. Although I enjoy meeting with individuals as well, there is something really special and different about meeting with families. I hope that “my” missionaries felt it was special as they met with my family when my little brother and I were small. I will forever love and appreciate the missionaries that taught my family about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and I hope I am worthy of the same kind of love I get from the wonderful Hungarian people here.

I really love and support my mission president here. He is such a warm and positive influence. His words are always uplifting. The times I have heard him speak out about rules, he never spoke a condemning word. What an example! I hope I can learn to use such speech in my relationships with others and later in parenting.

We are preparing for a Halloween party that will be this coming weekend. Us 4 missionaries are trying to plan and head up the whole thing. To be honest, I am quite nervous. But I think it will work out. I believe we have purchased mostly all the supplies necessary. Halloween is not a big celebration here in Hungary-but they do celebrate the day of the dead. However due to media, they are of course familiar with Halloween too. We hope we can bring some Halloween fun to the members and investigators here in Miskolc. We are planning lots of games and activities. I will try to take some pictures. My companion will be dressed as a pirate, and I as a baby.

My personal study this morning was so uplifting and fulfilling. I read from one of the books in the approved missionary library called, “Our Search for Happiness”. The part I read was so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to continuing to read it. I also began the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon today. I like that part too. I receive so much peace, comfort, and strength from the scriptures, that there is no way I will ever want to go a day of my life without reading from them. The next time I play the game where they ask you what 3 things you would want with you if you were stranded on a desert island, one of them would surely be a copy of the Book of Mormon.

I also accumulated a few more Hungarian recipies this week! I look forward to trying to cook these things at home with American ingredients! I know I will miss Hungarian food. It is SO GOOD.

I send my love!!

Surányi nővér