Week #54

Helloo all!

Guess what?! It is snowing right now! This really is not Vancouver. Brrr it is getting cold fast! The memories, however, of last year’s winter cold have completely faded, so I know that so long as I don’t lose any fingers or toes, the cold wont be what I take away from this wintery season.

This Monday finds me in good spirits! I now have my new companion! Her name is Csányi nővér (which rhymes with Surányi nővér – awesome!). She is from Kispest which is in Budapest. She doesn’t speak English, or even like English. Thus, I get the coveted opportunity to speak with a real Hungarian all the time! It is a little bit different feeling working with someone who has not been trained in the MTC, but it is a positive experience and helps push me into a position of leading. I am grateful to report that it feels more or less natural to lead us in the work, which means I must have been paying attention this past year of serving :) I am hoping that my 6 weeks with her will be enough to help boost my understanding and fluency of speaking in Hungarian.

Because of transfers – which took us to Budapest – and settling in the new companion, the remaining days of this week proved to be filled with traveling from one program to the next and getting home just at curfew everynight. It has been both tiring and rewarding.

Oh, listen to this cool thing! One of the two Elders who came in from the MTC this transfer is named Seegmiller elder. A Seegmiller missionary taught my family! I will forever love the missionaries that taught my family about the gospel and have also come to love their families and value them as my own. I nearly cried when I met this new Seegmiller missionary. He was full of missionary fire and didn’t seem to be bothered by my immediate joy. He happily let me take a picture with him. Who knows how related he is to my Seegmiller missionary, but it was a wonderful happy feeling to see that name here. :)

Time really is so very strange. It never feels right. It either feels too fast or too slow. Although right now my mission feels like my whole life, I know that it is just because it is now. Although I will forever remember my mission, there are so many other things that I experienced before I came here and that I have yet to experience. I hope I will remember to keep the future in mind as I try to work hard through my whole mission. It is so easy to want to be lazy. Why must that desire haunt me so often? I really want to look back on my mission when it is over and think, “I really did my best. I am proud of the effort I put in. I feel I grew and helped others to grow.” I do not want to look back over the time – that I know will feel like it was the blink of an eye – and wish I had worked harder or done more.

I want to come home and tell you all that I am so happy and that I served a wonderful mission! Feel free to ask me when I get home!

Goals goals goals. Without them, we just become whatever the circumstances afford. Let’s do things on purpose. Let’s become someone on purpose! We will be so much happier if we do. I need to remember that more often.

I send bundles of snowy October love!

– Surányi nővér