Week #55


Somehow time has more than flown by and I don’t have much time to write!

I can tell you that I am well! We had a week packed full of programs and one of biggest struggles is finding time to eat!

I enjoy teaching people about the commandments of God because they give me the opportunity to remember how grateful I am for those commandments. I feel such joy when someone desires to start keeping a commandment that they didn’t know about before, and I love when they are excited about it. Without fail, when people begin to keep commandments I see them receive blessings. I know it works that way in my life too. I am so grateful that God has given us commandments to show us the best way to live happily. I know that if I could just do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, that in the long run I would not be happy. I would just be indulgent and would not grow. I am so grateful for the opportunity to try to live according to God’s direction and that I can repent and try again when I make mistakes.

I wish I could stop the clock so I could write more!!!

Today we are going to go to a store called Müller which my companion says has really good chocolate. So, I am obviously quite excited! I also need a new journal because mine is completely full! I really want to remember this time of my life.

Thank you for your love and support from afar! I look forward to catching up and hearing about your lives when I get home.

I send some Hungarian love!!!!

Surányi nővér

[Here is the Link to the Conference talk that Sister Suranyi asked me to post back in Week #51: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2012/10/ask-the-missionaries-they-can-help-you?lang=eng&media=video]