Week #56


Hungary is alive and well!

Listen to this- whenever there is a national holiday, people have to make up the work days on the weekend. Kids have to go to school on Saturday and people have to go to work. School on Saturday?! Poor kids. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a country with so many national holidays. I love the holidays though! It feels like they are always celebrating something or remembering something. I think it gives people a reason to be proud to be Hungarian and it helps bind them together. I like it!

There are a bunch of baptisms coming up here in Miskolc and I am really looking forward to them! Each baptism represents the work of a lot of missionaries, and a lot of personal work, effort and growth of the person to be baptized. It is such an exciting step in the process of returning to live again with our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to get to participate in this work of inviting people to come unto Christ, and to help them receive the blessings that are promised to them.

This past week Csányi nővér and I found ourselves going from program to program. It is so great to be booked up with people to meet. We were fed several times this week. It is such a blessing and an honour when people work hard and spend, the little money they have, to cook for us and feed us. I know they will receive many blessings for the kindness they show to us.

At home (in Canada), we live in the city where the “mission office” is also located. So, like here, where I travel to Budapest for conferences and trainings, in B.C. the missionaries often travel to the lower mainland where I live. My parents have been housing groups of missionaries who have been coming in groups of about 8 at a time. I think that my parents will get many blessings from serving the missionaries. It makes me happy to know they are in contact with the missionaries there, it makes me feel, like as they serve the missionaries back home, they are also supporting me.

Any story of someone being nice to a missionary makes me feel happy. If you ever see missionaries, say Hi! They are so nice! And look in their eyes, because something special glows in there. I always looked up to missionaries back home. I hope I am worthy of the respect of the people here. What a blessing for me to be here!

I am still working hard on becoming the best person I can be. A lot of learning happens here as I need to be the one to give hope and support instead of expect it from others. It puts me into a situation where I can be more Christlike. A mission really facilitates positive growth. I think being a wife and mother will do the same thing. It will give me consistent opportunity to learn to forget myself and focus on others. And always always always, when we uplift others, we ourselves are uplifted for more than if we had been selfish.

Here is some old news: Hungarian is still really hard. Even though I speak it every single day, I still struggle a lot to understand and to speak. I have decided to start a stronger push on vocabulary. I think the more words I know, the more I will be able to piece together what people are saying. I think any language is hard to learn, not just Hungarian. I have not lost hope. I never will. But I really really want to understand more and speak better! Having a Hungarian companion helps because I know that if I do not understand something, she does. But she will not always be here. So it is important for me to learn. I want to be able to speak Hungarian for the rest of my life too! So learning it now will be really important. How crazy are languages?? You communicate the same thoughts, just with different sounds. It is also interesting how my memory works in Hungarian. Sometimes the word I want to use is attached to my knowledge of the English word and I have to think of it in English first and then think of the translation. Sometimes the Hungarian word is attached to the meaning in my head and I know the word and what it means, but then have to struggle to remember whT the English word for it is. It is so interesting! Brains are incredible!

Its getting chillier and I am looking forward to wearing my winter boots. I hope they have survived my several moves, being smashed in a suitcase. I haven’t put them on in a long time! They are so warm and comfy. And I get to wear socks with them instead of just tights all the time. Yay!

I love getting mail! I love hearing how people are doing at home! I also love getting mail from other missionaries around the world. I love hearing how they experience things and the things that they are learning. This year and a half is going to have a huge impact on my life. It is so worth taking the time to serve. My whole life is a gift from God, so really no matter how much I give back, I still am in debt. Good thing He doesn’t expect us to pay Him back – we never could. I feel so warm inside when I feel God’s love. The more I study the scriptures and go about trying to do good, the more personally I feel His love for me. Nothing can replace that feeling. It cannot be substituted. Knowing that God loves me is vitally important to me. I love knowing it. And I do know it. I also know He loves and knows every single person that has ever come and ever will come to this Earth. I also see that not every person here realizes how much they are loved by God. Sometimes I get to help people see and feel that love, and it is so amazing. I want to be like a little sample stand at Costco – I want people to feel my love which is just a small sample of the full product. And hopefully that sample will make them interested in receiving the whole thing. And the best part… the whole thing is free, not just the sample. Ok that was extremely cheezy. But I really mean it.

I am so grateful that I was raised with so much love around me. I have loving family, friends, teachers, and love from heaven. I am who I am because of all the love I have received.

I am so blessed!

I hope you all feel the love that I do, and that you can be little Costco sample stands too!



Surányi nővér