Week #58


It is almost December! Where has time gone?! I remember sweating in the August summer heat like it was yesterday. Although I cannot imagine eternity right now, I think it will make a lot more sense than this funny time thing. :)

This week I got news that the c.d. that I sang on is officially “out”. It is in Budapest and I am waiting for a copy to make it’s way over to Miskolc! Jaj! Nervousness!

In other news: I think my little brother is possibly one of the greatest missionaries this planet has ever seen. The things he says and the things he does and the example he sets just blows me away. I wish he were here in Hungary to whip me into shape! But I know that they need him there in France!

I bought an advent calendar today! Christmas time is really coming!

There was a baptism this weekend in Miskolc and another will be next weekend. It was so wonderful as baptisms always are. I really felt the Spirit and was so touched when the young man who was just baptised bore his clear and simple testimony of Jesus Christ.

I love the moments that build my faith and understanding of that which is spiritual. I value my physical life and the practical lessons I learn, but I hold the spiritual experiences so much more dearly. I am so grateful to be able to grow both practically and spiritually. I get to improve at temporal things as well as eternal things. And I bet a whole lot of the things that I deem to be temporal will eventually prove to be of eternal significance.

This week I learned an important lesson. I cannot go home perfect. I have this dream and desire to have really grown and improved through my mission experience. I think this is a worthy and good goal. But I need to remember that I will still have flaws and mistakes when I go home. I wish I wouldn’t have any – but I will. It is hard to know what to expect of myself. So I am trying to look for signs of progression instead of setting a standard for how good or close to perfection I need to be. The important thing is that I am improving and working towards being better. And I know that with the Lord’s help I am capable of that. So the motto which has just come to mind will be : Progression not perfection!

One funny thing that I worry about is that I will not be able to drop the habit of kissing people on the cheek. I don’t plan on being socially weird when I get home, but I fear I will slip into routine and accidentally kiss some friend on the cheek as I go in to hug them. So, I apologize in advance for the possible accidental cheek kisses you might receive. I am sure with time I will shake it.

Haha, that is an example of the “temporal”.

You know something I will miss about Hungary? Pékség and paper stores. I need to write a song. “Pékség and paper stores.” OK not really, but I love them. I am going to miss cheap delicious baked goods from the Pékség. I will also miss the mediocre pékségs too actually. And I will miss the giant paper stores full of pens and paper and every kind of office supply and art supply and more. There is always something hilarious and wonderful in every paper store. It is hard not to buy everything. Also right there is proof of my continued struggle to learn Hungarian. What is a paper store? Is that even a real word in English? I heard it from other missionaries. What is it in Hungarian? I think Irószer or Irószer bolt or something. Maybe I’ll speak Hungarian one day :) But rather I think I will just convince myself that my accent is endearing and my language mistakes are no big deal.

I honestly can’t imagine doing something better than serving my mission. There are so so many experiences that are making me into someone that I wouldn’t become without them. I like this path that it is taking me on. Small example: I get to struggle to speak every day! What an interesting and weird challenge for someone like me who loves to talk! Think of all the growing I can do through it.

Lets all do hard things! Ok good. deal. Hard things will be done.

I send my love in big Hungarian ways!

<3 Surányi nővér