Week #59

Ok hello!!!!

Listen to my good news!!

We got transfer calls this morning, I am staying here in Miskolc, my current companion is finished her mini mission and I am getting MacKay nővér! She is awesome!!!! Christensen elder is “dying” – his mission is over and he is going home. In his place we are getting Headrick elder!!! I served with Headrick elder in the MTC and in Pest. He is SO SO AWESOME! We are going to have a GREAT Christmas season with this new group. WAAHOOOOO! I am sure pictures will soon follow and you will be able to see the joyful love that will be present in our area. YAY.

Also, hear some great things that happened this week:

On Sunday it snowed – and not just snow, hanem, beautiful, white, slow-drifting, puffs of snow joy. You could not feel any happier as you watched it slowly fall. Nature is beautiful (even if its cold)!

We also had a baptism this week. Joy! It was so great :) Csányi nővér and I made sajtos pogácsa for the occasion. The boy who was baptized is so wonderful and I am looking forward to continue to meet with him as he takes his first steps as a new member. The fruits of missionary work are very sweet!

This past week, the mission president came to Miskolc to meet with each of us individually. They call them “interviews” when you meet with the president, but it is in no way stressful or intimidating. I love interviews with President Smith. He always lifts me up and is so kind and patient. He always emphasizes the good things he sees in me and I am so so grateful. I really trust him and am glad that he leads the missionary work here in Hungary. I love serving under his authority.

I got poison ivy-d for the first time in my life this week! Well… I am about 90% sure. There was a church meeting and one of the members brought some herbs and flowers from her garden to make some herbal tea. She also brought a plant that they only used the Hungarian name for but I think it was poison ivy. Because they talked about how it stings. I said how I had never felt it before so they insisted I try it. Haha. My companion rubbed it on me, but it didn’t work, so it was so funny, the member who brought it, took the bundle and sort-of smacked me with it a few times on the wrist. It was so funny. How often do people hit each other with plants?? I had to laugh. And it worked. Sting-y! :)

Also, I got a copy of the C.D. that I am singing on. Doing the recording was really fun, but my accent is weird on it (Hungarian is hard I tell you! haha!), but overall it is okay. It isn’t really a professional C.D. especially because half of the songs are sung by non-Hungarian speakers. One of the young adults from Szeged was visiting this week and he made sure to tell me how weird my accent is in the song. Gotta love the kindness, haha!

We are still busily working! Doing our daily studies, and then going from program to program. Meeting with members, investigators, teaching English class, etc. Never a dull moment. It is hard work, not usually physically, but mentally and spiritually it takes a lot of effort. Serving a mission really inspires a lot of growth! There is no time to take a nice long break – you have to keep going, and do your best always! But that is life too. We can’t take a break from life. We always move forward.

I have met so many wonderful people here in Hungary and sometimes fear how I will have time to keep in touch with them when I get home. But I will let time take care of that and do my best to be supportive even from far away.

I hope that in some way I can be supportive of you all at home even though I am so far away right now. I pray for many of you by name, and many wonderful memories with you uplift me.

I love you all!!!

Surányi nővér