Week #61

Hi everyone!

What a week!

Its been snowy and rainy and cold – and all four of us missionaries here in Miskolc have colds! But we have been happy and active nonetheless. :)

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Hungarian! I had a goal to finish it by Christmas and I succeeded! It took me about a year though, so it’s not very impressive as a speed record – but it is the first time I have read the whole Book of Mormon in another language! I think that means I have read the entire Book of Mormon so far 3 times on my mission. It is good every time. I really love the Book of Mormon. I get what I need from it – sometimes I find what I am looking for that I know I need, and sometimes I realize that I needed it after I found it. And there is always a feeling of peace that accompanies reading the Book of Mormon, and that is one of the best feelings. I am so grateful that we are given study time every day here.

I got a newer release date, which is hopefully the real one. It is hard to know for sure when we are going home because the mission is always changing. But I am probably coming home a couple weeks earlier than originally planned. My expected date is now March 28th. Fun!

We found a really fantastic cafe not too far away that has about 7 different kinds of hot chocolate! So far I have tried 3 of them – all delicious! We are really into hot chocolate now that the weather is so cold.

President Smith came to visit Miskolc this past weekend. He took us out to dinner on Saturday night and it was so yummy! Then on Sunday he and his wife spoke in church and the Elders translated, I was so proud of the Elders as they translated. It is such a humbling experience to try to speak Hungarian. It is so wonderful when some degree of success is reached. (But I want more! haha)

Oh story from this week! So we were on the villamos (which they call a “tram” in English but I don’t even know what a tram is so I don’t know if it is a good translation haha) and a man walked up to us. There was an empty seat beside me and so I asked him if he would like to sit. And he responded that No. But he would like to see my transit pass. I didn’t see that he was a transit worker (they often come on and make sure everyone has passes). I didn’t think it was all that funny that I didn’t notice, but my companion and the girl who was with us kept making fun of me for it. Now every time they see a transit worker, they ask me if I am going to invite him to sit down. haha. Ah good. It is good to make a fool of yourself sometimes :)

Today we will be going skating with the Elders! I haven’t been skating in over a year. I remember a couple years ago I was into skating and my daddy and I went a few times together. I love good memories like that.

Also – big surprise – we are planning to get hot chocolate after skating. Hello flavour number 4!

Next week I get to Skype with my mom and dad!!! I am so excited!

It is almost Christmas!! We are having a Christmas concert this coming Saturday at the church. I have decided that my voice will work by then. I sure hope so. Because we are doing a lot of singing. I hope the other missionaries heal too of course!

The day before that, on Friday, we get to go to Budapest for a special Christmas Zone Conference put on by the President Smith. I am really looking forward to it!

I send lots of Christmas love!

-Surányi nővér