Week #62

Hello everyone!


We had a really neat last few days! Let me give you some highlights :)

Friday – Christmas Zone Conference in Budapest! In the morning the Elders picked us up from home to drive us to Budapest. They had bought us each a pastry in the shape of a heart and had folded us each a little heart out of paper. It was so adorable! We really enjoy being together and I am really looking forward to spending Christmas with them.
At zone conference we got to play games, win prizes, get gifts from Santa, sing Christmas songs to mention a few. It was so fun and felt like a real Christmas! Of course it is hard to be far from family, but it is great to have such a great group of missionaries to spend the holidays with.

Saturday – Christmas Concert and party! On Saturday, us 4 missionaries put on a Christmas concert and party here in Miskolc. We performed several musical numbers and people really seemed to like it. We even wrote and performed a short Christmas play. We put the whole thing together with as little practice and preparation as possible (because there is a lot of other work to be doing) but it all came together and we had a great night. It took a lot of patience during the party because there was often 3 different people competing for my attention, but I managed to completely keep cool and I did my best to help everyone have a good time. YAY FOR CHRISTMASTIME!

Sunday – Baptisms! Two girls got baptized on Sunday! It was great to see them take this step to show their faith through action. It was wonderful to be there. A boy who only got baptized three weeks ago got to baptize the younger girl. It was so exciting! He said it made him so happy! Ah. So great!

Monday – Christmas Eve – Skype my family – Today! Today is Monday. It is Christmas Eve! I got to Skype with my mom and dad this morning for an hour!!!! Twice a year we get to talk to our parents, and one of those times was now! It was so great to see them and talk to them! I really miss them, but I know I am in the right place now and that I will see them in not too long. Later today we will go to the branch house with the Elders and we will possibly do mani pedis or something fun like that. (It was the Elders’ idea – no joke. haha!)

Tuesday . Christmas Day!!!!!! This hasn’t happened yet, but here are some of our plans. We are going to go to the branch house with the Elders in the morning and we will exchange gifts and also open packages that we have received from home. We put up a Christmas tree in the branch house this week, so it will really be like Christmas! Also it snowed last night and maybe it will snow again, so we could have a white Christmas!!!

OOOKIE! My fingers are getting tired and I am getting hungry. :) Ah this is going to be such a great Christmas!

I send tons of love! Thank you so much to those of you who have sent me cards and letters and packages and money. I am so so so spoiled!


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