Week #63

Happy 2013!!!

The craziest part of it being 2013 is remembering that I left my home in 2011. How is that real?? Wow. Its too much for my mind to grasp. Luckily I am quite used to not understanding everything… so it works for me :)

Ok let me start with this “fun” story: On Saturday we were getting ready to leave the house and I put my socks on as a final preparation. Well these socks are a bit slippery. As I was leaving our bedroom I slipped on my sock and jammed my toe into the doorway. It hurt a lot, but I tried to limp it off while cringing. As I went into the other room I noticed that I started bleeding through my sock. Who is the biggest wimp in the world? Me. So I start feeling dizzy. I hobble back into the bedroom and lie on the bed and proceed to break into cold sweat. So funny. I am such a wimp. It got all swollen and purple too. But I put a bandaid on it and found a way to limp so we worked anyway. In the evening we played doctor, and Elder Abram had a look at it for me and he and Sister MacKay wrapped it in gauze and medical tape. I may or may not have almost passed out. Wimp status is mine. We decided it is not broken. I bled through 5 sets of socks that day and a couple more the next day. We even went skating that first night before playing doctor … smart :) I have been hobbling since Saturday – I cant put weight on the toe. But the pain is diminishing a bit each day and I am sure I will be able to walk normally soon. So funny. I will send a picture. It isn’t too bad, just a funny experience.

On Sunday in church two girls were confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Elders gave one blessing each. I was so proud of them to hear them doing it in Hungarian. They are are so great. It felt so wonderful listening to them speak and to feel the peace that the Holy Ghost brings. I loved it.

New years eve was a normal pday but we were allowed to do our working hours earlier in the day. So after working we ate together and then spent some time together. We still went home and to bed by normal missionary time though. This cute investigator girl kept inviting us to go out with her, but we weren’t interested in the noisy things going around in the city. Joke’s on us though haha because there was a big concert going on less than half a block away from our apartment. It was nice to hear that people were out being festive though, even if it made it harder to fall asleep.

There is a family that we visit usually about twice a week and the mother finds it really funny to try to talk to us about dating and things like that. It is so much funnier because it is in Hungarian and she can sound so blunt. So many priceless experiences are had here in Hungary. I am glad that so many things are out of the ordinary.

We went “tabling” with the Elders last week, and today Sister MacKay and I are going to go over to a lady’s house because I talked to her on the street while tabling. It is so interesting how strangers become friends as easy as that sometimes here on a mission. You talk to someone one time, and they invite you to come to their home. Next thing you know you are visiting them every week and they are feeling more blessings in their life and they are praying and reading the scriptures and you love each other. All because you had the guts to talk to a stranger on the street. I wish I had the guts to talk to every person. Sometimes I get scared. But it so worth it.

My little brother is a superstar and talks to everyone he can on his mission in France. He inspires me to try harder and be less scared. I know I can do better, and I will keep trying!

The holidays were fun and now its a new year and a new opportunity to buckle down and work! Sounds exhausting. But surely wouldn’t be any good if it wasn’t hard. With the end of my mission in sight I want to end with a bang and work till the finish – no letting up!

Thank you so much for so many Christmas wishes and letters and cards, I felt very loved this Christmas and did not feel depressed to be far from home because I felt love from there and I feel that I am in the right place right now. I do look forward to spending next Christmas and New Years at home though :)

I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing what everyone has been up to when I get back.

Ok here are a couple more crazy stories before I close. On Christmas Eve a total stranger got on his knees and begged my companion to be his wife. It was sad but also creepy.
A couple days after Christmas (the Elders were on splits), and we went caroling in a public square. One man who heard us started dancing, later another did some heel clicks, a cute kid waved at us, and a nice old lady closed her eyes to listen. A few people clapped too. It was cute.

Missions are awesome!

Sok szeretettel,

Surányi nővér