Week #64


The hypothermia days are over! But you didn’t even know they began. Listen to this! On Saturday morning I went to take a shower and the water wouldn’t get hot, Turns out the pilot light on our heater went out again. This time it is winter though. It turns out that it was broken and that the needed replacement piece couldn’t be bought until Monday morning. I cannot complain too much, because there are people in this world who live on the streets or in much worse conditions than me, but it was SO cold without heating for 2 days. My companion was wearing 4 pairs of pants and we both slept in hoodies and gloves. We also couldn’t shower – gross! But they fixed the heater this morning! Yay! I feel so clean! And warm again :) Last night was the coldest so far and the Elders surprised us by coming over and dropping of some extra blankies for us. How sweet of them!

Other good news – my toe is practically better now! Yay far walking normally again!

This Sunday we got to go with the Elders to visit two cute little “néni”s (adorably Hungarian old ladies) so the Elders could give them the sacrament, and one of them asked for a blessing. I love being there as the Elders perform priesthood ordinances. I always feel peace and I feel so proud of them as they are doing the Lord’s work – and in Hungarian too! I also think to my brother doing these same things in France and it makes me so so so so proud of him!

Sister MacKay and I went tracting this week in some ten stories. One lady got really mad at us for being there – she tried to chase us out of the building. I get why people don’t always like us there. It is worth bothering a few people though to bring salvation and eternal happiness to those who are looking for it.

This week we tried going to a new café instead of getting hot chocolate at our new place. We should have stuck to what we know. Haha. Elder Headrick and I got milkshakes, but they were more like milk with some bitter fruit smashed in it. Sister MacKay and Elder Abram got fruity drinks though and they were good. Its hard to know: do you stick with what you know is good, or branch out and try something new? Ah café psychology. :P

We are trying to brainstorm some sort of “district item” to purchase so that we can remember our time serving together here in Mickolc. Hopefully we find something awesome :)

I am a little overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the letters I have received since Christmas. I got a lot when we went to Budapest for Christmas! The Elders went to Budapest last week and they told us that they had no mail to bring to us – but it was a big joke and they had a stack of letters for each of us. It was so exciting to read them all! I really wish I had more time so I could respond to them all. I am so grateful that so many of you take the time to write me and think of me. Köszönöm!

Well I hope that everything is going well at home! Another transfer is coming to an end for me here! Next week I will be able to write about whether I am being transferred and/or getting a new companion.

The next two transfers will be “short” transfers (5 weeks instead of 6) and then I will be coming home! Weird! It still feels far away!

I send my love!

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