Week #65

Hello everyone!

Wow! What a long week it has been!! Long yes, but also wonderful!

I have received my new companion – her name is Burdick nővér and she is WONDERFUL! I am having such a great time with her and she is so prepared and so willing to work and practice and learn! It is great! She is from Massechusetts (I am sure I massacred the spelling of that) and she has red hair (I am so jealous!).

We are trying to figure out Szolnok together. We have been making lots of phone calls to try to get a hold of people that used to meet with the other sisters when they were here. Other than that, we have been looking for new people to teach! The only missionary who was here before this transfer is Shipp elder, and he is really helping us out. He is helping us know what buses to take, and what days of the week we teach certain programs etc. Apparently we teach at a private highschool! Scary. We will be doing that for the first time this week.

Guess what… the first day in out new apartment we managed to turn off the heater and not know how to get it work again. It turned into a 2 day cold spree… reminds me of last transfer haha. We slept in sweaters and fuzzy socks, and studied all wrapped up in blankets. Luckily our landlord was able to help us get everything back in order. We again have heat :) I am becoming increasingly grateful for heat, something I never really thought of as a blessing. Look how much I am learning from my mission! Unbelievable.

I has the opportunity to quietly translate into English for 2 senior couples who came to church this week. It was a little bit embarrassing, but mostly a good experience. I remember a time when I thought I would NEVER be able to translate for anyone.

Having a new missionary helps me see how much I have progressed in the language since I got here. When I see her struggle with some things, I remember when I struggled with those same things too. It makes it so easy to be patient and supportive of her. She is doing such a great job, and it is such a blessing to me to be able to realize that I have progressed enough to be able to help someone.

One of the most fun blessings of being able to speak and understand more Hungarian than before is that I can have a more playful and light relationship with the members instead of strictly business. I can make jokes with them now and I can understand when they are poking fun at me and I can play back. It was so fun doing that this Sunday with a group of the members!

There is this interesting feeling I have been having here in Szolnok. Even though I have never been here before, there are some of the members that I feel like I already know. It might be because I have been switching from city to city for a year now and talking to so many strangers that it has become commonplace, but it is still interesting to me. I like it. It feels safer and more comfortable.

Oh listen to this other fun thing. Having a new missionary makes me notice how many cool Hungarian things there are and fun mission traditions. I have been introducing her to all these things, and it makes it exciting for me again. So cool! I am grateful to be able to be a trainer so late in my mission. I could not be more prepared than this. There will be so many new sisters coming in in the following transfers that these sisters are going to be training much earlier than I did. I am grateful that I got so much time to prepare :)

I have high spirits and am looking forward to getting to know this city better.

I send my love and European awesomeness!

Sok szeretettel, Surányi nővér