Week #69

Hello everyone!

So this morning I got my very last transfer call of my mission! I will be staying in Szolnok with Sister Burdick and our Elders are staying too!

Official mission statistics (barring any unusual occurrences):
Total areas: 5
Total companions: 8


I don’t feel like things are winding down because we are still in the work full swing. It is nice for me not to have to get used to a new place or pack all my stuff for this last 5 weeks. Listen to this! Transfers have generally always been 6 weeks long, but as soon as I leave they are officially changed to 9 weeks a piece. Hú-ha! That will be something new! We have planners that are based on a 6-week schedule so I wonder if they will create new planners too!

This past week was Valentines day! The Elders were on splits and we didn’t even see them all day, but we bought them each a box of chocolates and hid them in the church for them to find. It was fun :) Elder McCurdy couldn’t find his because Sister Burdick taped it to the bottom side of a table! haha!

I have been studying out of a book we call “the green monster” and I am loving it! Everyone gets a copy in the MTC. It is a Hungarian language study book, and it is green, and enormous. Also made several decades ago and refers to people with titles such as “comerade”. So funny!

Ok, so there is a party this Saturday for “farsang” at the church. It is a celebration to welcome in the new season. They wear costumes kind-of like our Halloween. But since we didn’t know who would be transferred we didn’t look for costumes. So now we have just a couple hours left today to find a costume! Wish me luck!

Things are going quite well with me. I am happy and sharing my love with others. It is sometimes hard to feel or see if we are making a difference, but I have faith that my small acts are meaningful. This past conference there were some really great thoughts about everyone doing their part and that it makes a big difference when you put all the small loving acts of service together.

I hope things are well at home!

Love, Surányi nővér

Week #68

Happy Family Day Everyone!

According to my father this is a real thing – a new holiday in BC. I am all for it!

OK so for some weird reason, even though I know in my mind that I am coming home soon, I cannot feel it at all. Not a bit. I feel like I will still be here for ever. Maybe it will hit me at the airport on my way home, or on my last night spent in the mission home. I’m sure it will sink in some time.

Since my brain knows I am leaving, I have been trying to get some souvenirs. Today Sister Burdick and I are on the hunt for something called a doromb. It is some kind of instrument. Possibly something that might be called a mouth harp? We do not know what it looks like and I have one faint memory of what it sounds like. We have very limited information and cannot use Google… BUT we have a strong desire to find and purchase such an instrument. Logical? no. Wonderful? I sure hope so!

Let’s see let’s see. Ah, yes. Library cards. We got library cards this week! This is mostly interesting because… it was by accident. So. We hopped into the library to try to run a quick errand… well there is still a lot of Hungarian that I do not understand. By the time I figured out I had us signing up for library cards we were about half way done and so we just went with it. They were free which was nice. Ah funny.

It has been snowing again this week, but luckily it isn’t too too cold. Oh, we met a guy from Calgary on the bus! He moved there in 1957 and is here visiting Hungary. He heard my companion and I SYL-ing (speaking Hungarian) and he tried to help us out. It was cute! When he butted in, we could tell he was waiting for an opportunity to say something. My companion asked me in Hungarian what a certain word meant, and he quickly responded in English. It was so cute. He said he had never met missionaries from our church before and I told him I was honoured to be one of the first. Oh public transportation.

Another funny thing happened on a bus this week when an older lady went to sit down but didn’t realize she had to fold down her chair first. She flailed and grabbed her friend beside her. I tried to do a concerned face (we were sitting across from her) but when she started laughing and explaining herself then I felt it was appropriate for me to laugh a little. I was glad not to have to hold it in. I tried to do an understanding laugh. :)

We went to Szeged this past week for a Zone Training. It was nice to be back there. I served there this time last year. It was beautiful nostalgia. I had lots of memories of being there with MY trainer, and now I was there AS a trainer. WEIRD. We even went to a pékség that I used to go to with my trainer all the time. (Kerek Perec! And I really wished I could have stopped in to A Capella too!) Le sigh. Time just keeps ticking on!

I was reading out of the most recent general conference Ensign this morning and just loving every word. We got to watch one of my favourite talks this past week with Hungarian translation and it was so powerful. I really love general conference. It is so funny because I remember how boring I thought it was as a child. Well I guess I have grown up a bit since then! One of the talks I read this morning was Elder Nelson’s talk with the repeated line “ask the missionaries; they can help”. That talk makes me feel so humbled every time I hear it or think of it. It reminds me that I am here to do a great work, and that I am here to serve and help, just like the apostle said. It also makes me feel that I better be worthy and willing to help anyone in any way and that I really need divine assistance to be able to do what I have been called to do.

Seriously, being on a mission makes me feel so incapable in so many ways. But in a good way! In the kind of way that drives me to my knees in prayer and inspires hard work and improvement. I can honestly say that it is better to feel that I need the Lord’s help than to feel like I can do it all fine enough on my own. This mission is a blessing in every way! There isn’t a part I can think of that isn’t designed by the Lord to bless my life in some way if I let it. Incredible.

The snow got bad enough that even though we dubbed ourselves “extreme runners” we only got out running once this week before the snow got worse. Well, I hope it clears up so we can run some more. But only kinda…haha.

There is a new family that we are meeting with and there are two ADORABLE children. I just LOVE seeing them. OK well I have only met the kids once… but I cant wait to see them again. They are SO cute. The girl is 3 and the boy is 5 (or something along those lines) and they both have the most adorable little kid speech difficulties. The boy has SO much energy and just wanted to show us everything! He put on this CD and then was dancing and running around. It killed me it was so adorable. At one point he just kind-of zoned out and sat in front of the CD player and was sweetly singing along to the song into this little attached microphone. Le sigh. Kids are crazy and adorable. Every other minute they would be crying and then get over it and then cry again and then get over it. All I could do was laugh. I haven’t seen children in a while, I think that’s why it was extra great.

Oooookie. Off to find a crazy mouth instrument if I’m lucky!

much love,

Surányi nővér

Week #67

Hello everyone!

This week we are emailing hyperspeed! We were in Budapest today (we arrived last night) so that the new missionaries could go and get their Visas. SO LISTEN TO THIS: I got to spend the day with Sister Roney!!! She is also training a new missionary. So while our companions were in trainings and dealing with visas, Sister Roney and I got to be companions again!!

We spent our free time going out to meet with some investigators that we used to meet with when we served together in Pest. IT WAS SO GREAT! We took the buses to and fro, taking all our old routes, and reminiscing along the way. It was wonderful. We got to meet with 6 people that we used to meet with and it was so uplifting. We only had a short time with each of them, but they were so happy to see us and we were so happy to see them. A few of them are preparing for baptism and it was so lovely to show them our love and support in person one more time. Ah it was so great! One lady kept saying that we have gotten so beautiful and that we were glowing and radiating. It was so touching. We love her! It is hard to leave the people you love and move to a new city, but I know the Lord sends His missionaries to where He knows the most good can be done (both for the missionary and for others). The Lord is very involved in our lives, and being on a mission helps me see that so much more clearly.

I wish I had time to describe all the great experiences I am having. There are of course also experiences that are more difficult and uncomfortable, but those make the good experiences even more precious.

I translated again in church this week (just silently for our new seniour missionary couple who have officially moved in) and this week it was more of a discouraging experience. I was more highly aware of all of my shortcomings in the language both in communicating and understanding. But I did not give up! I know that the Lord wants me to look at the positive and to always try harder and to be grateful for what I can do. I was fasting at the time, which I had hoped would give me a more spiritually uplifting experience, but I have come to feel that the struggle is much more valuable than if it had been blissful. Ah the things I learn. I love when I feel something is so true even when it is counter-intuitive – ex. being grateful for struggles – because then I feel that I really am growing a testimony and not just relying on my carnal mind. I like it! I am looking forward for the next not commonly accepted truth! hah. :P just being silly.

Jaj. I really should stop writing but I wish I could say so much more!

Um ok quick list:

– We went to Kecskemét this past week for district meeting. I love singing hymns with my district. 4 part harmony in the strongest way!

– We visited a member family this week and they (over)fed us the most DELICIOUS Hungarian food. It is so wonderful to be fed by the members here especially because almost always they do not have very much money. They give of what little they have to serve us. I am so grateful!

– I only had one person in my English class this week , which was great because it is WAY less scary to do a personal tutoring session than a big lesson. But… we put a thing in the paper and it seems like a lot more people will be coming this week. I’m scared. I don’t know how to teach beginner English. Le sigh du jour. I will do my best.

– we made cutouts of the Plan of Salvation this week. SO GREAT. And we even got to use them twice already. Yay for visuals! Not just for kids. :)

OOOKIE I have like a quadrillion more thoughts… but no time.

I love my mission. I love Hungary. I will never forget being here. It has changed me so permanently. Well, I have decided to make it permanent. No regression I say! I say!

Szeretlek titeket!

– Surányi nővér