Week #69

Hello everyone!

So this morning I got my very last transfer call of my mission! I will be staying in Szolnok with Sister Burdick and our Elders are staying too!

Official mission statistics (barring any unusual occurrences):
Total areas: 5
Total companions: 8


I don’t feel like things are winding down because we are still in the work full swing. It is nice for me not to have to get used to a new place or pack all my stuff for this last 5 weeks. Listen to this! Transfers have generally always been 6 weeks long, but as soon as I leave they are officially changed to 9 weeks a piece. Hú-ha! That will be something new! We have planners that are based on a 6-week schedule so I wonder if they will create new planners too!

This past week was Valentines day! The Elders were on splits and we didn’t even see them all day, but we bought them each a box of chocolates and hid them in the church for them to find. It was fun :) Elder McCurdy couldn’t find his because Sister Burdick taped it to the bottom side of a table! haha!

I have been studying out of a book we call “the green monster” and I am loving it! Everyone gets a copy in the MTC. It is a Hungarian language study book, and it is green, and enormous. Also made several decades ago and refers to people with titles such as “comerade”. So funny!

Ok, so there is a party this Saturday for “farsang” at the church. It is a celebration to welcome in the new season. They wear costumes kind-of like our Halloween. But since we didn’t know who would be transferred we didn’t look for costumes. So now we have just a couple hours left today to find a costume! Wish me luck!

Things are going quite well with me. I am happy and sharing my love with others. It is sometimes hard to feel or see if we are making a difference, but I have faith that my small acts are meaningful. This past conference there were some really great thoughts about everyone doing their part and that it makes a big difference when you put all the small loving acts of service together.

I hope things are well at home!

Love, Surányi nővér