Week #70

Guess where I was today?

Yep. Budapest again! Turns out a few people had to go back to iron out some things with the residency applications for the new missionaries.

It is nice to have gotten to see Budapest so much recently! haha! It kind-of throws off our pday, but it is good.

OK so here are some highlights from this week! We had a few days that were really fantastic!

– Farsang party. My companion dressed as a cowgirl and I was a toy doll. I got to wear fake eyelashes so I was happy! The party was really fun! We had a charades-type game, and a funny humming game, and a blindfolded feeding game. It was way fun! We had fun ourselves and also did our best to help those around us feel comfortable and have a good time. Yay for farsang!

– New investigators. We met with some new people this week and some of them are so sweet! This one lady from our English class met with us and we love her so much. She is so great!

-Hilarious let in. We were tracting one day (knocking on doors) and at one door a man pops out of the window (hangs about half of his body out) and says hello. And I said hello. I told him we were missionaries and before I could say anything else he was like “come on in”. When he opened his gate to let us in there were a bunch of noisy geese in the yard. And he was like “these are geese!”. He was so funny. He and his wife are some fantastic version of Hungarian hippies and they have a really cool son who goes to university and speaks really great English. They had us in and had us share the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We just loved the family so much right away. The parents were so funny – especially the dad. I wish I could describe him better. Here is an example: He wanted to start talking about Jewish people, but instead of just saying it, he tried to like act it out and make us guess who he was talking about. It was so funny! He really is a quite intelligent man (the whole family is); they are just eccentric in the most fantastic ways. He also spent about 10 minutes telling us a story about a picture of 2 sheep. So great. So great.

-It snowed again this week. Not really a good thing. But a thing. But today it is a bit warmer! Yay! The windows were open on the train ride home this afternoon and the wind felt so fantastic!

-PMG movies. There are these training videos that we watch as missionaries and since my companion is a new missionary, as part of her training, we watch these movies sometimes. To us, it has become a fun part of our day. When it is “movie time”, we grab snacks and blankets and get comfy on the couch to watch the training movies, Haha. We know it is a little ridiculous but we like it.

-Miracle directions. So in case you don’t already know – I am terrible at directions. This week we went out to a village to try to look up a family that used to be taught by missionaries here. We only had a vague description of how to get there and no map of the actual village we were going to. So as a good start, I (unknowingly) get us going off on the wrong street once we get off the bus. Then the directions that had been given to us didn’t make any sense. I prayed to find the place. I knocked on a door to ask for directions and the lady was so helpful and pointed out the way. I asked a couple more people on the way and eventually we found it! Ah my directional skills. That is one skill that I have not developed on my mission. Not because I don’t try though! I was just born without that ability in my brain, I think. I am grateful that the Lord takes care of me and that my companions are always better than me at directions. Phiew!

-We taught at the high school again this week. Always scary, but always goes fine. We teach at a high school! It is so weird so say and write! Weeirrrd.

Weeeellll. Things just keep on going out here! I am trying to keep up and do my best! The prospect of coming home is scary and exciting. Oh so scary and oh so exciting!

One thing I am looking forward to when I get home: yoga pants. Well pants in general, but especially yoga pants.

OK and also: sleeping in, biking, hugging my parents, (…boys), music, friends.

Well that’s a short list. I thought more would come to mind. Well I am sure being home will be good. But I’m scaaaared. But its OK :) I can handle it!

I send my love in big ol’ bunches!

-Surányi nővér