Week #71

Wowee! Another week has gone by!

Happy March!

Yesterday was a really good day at church, I really liked it! Two of our favourite people came and I was just so happy that they were there with us! Church was about to start and they hadn’t arrived yet, and then we heard the front door open, and Burdick nővér and I both jumped up at the same time to go see if it was them. Maybe we were a little too excited, but it was great! There is a guy who just recently got back from his mission, and he gave us a knowing smile when he saw our excitement over people coming to church. It is nice to have someone who gets it haha. Since it was my last testimony meeting of my mission, I took the opportunity to bear my testimony one last time in church. It was so sweet because a few other people in their testimonies expressed their love and respect for the missionaries. I had to hold back tears as they said such kind and loving things about us. I love the members here in Szolnok. Remember how when I first arrived I felt like I already knew some of them? So fantastic!

I love emailing every week especially because I get to read emails from my parents and brother. My family is such a support to me and a strength! My wonderful brother always sends the most uplifting emails that make me feel so proud of him and make me want to be more like him. My parents always send me their love and support and they lift me up. I want to be like them to my future children, My family is a huge blessing to me!

And on top of that, I have so many wonderful friends and mentors and loved ones. Those people are you! You that take the time to read this blog and to love me and think of me. I am so grateful to have you. Dear reader – you rock my world! Literally. <3

There is this one family we meet with and we are helping to prepare the youngest girl to be baptized (she is 7) and she is possible one of the cutest parts of my mission. Every time I see her my heart just bubbles. She is so loving and sweet to everyone. Her mom says she can be a handful, but I always see her being loving to everyone. Everyone in church loves her and she hugs them all and holds their hands. So sweet! She had us play charades with her the other day and it was SO adorable. She is such a pure little spirit – I love being around her.

Every week is a challenge and I am grateful for it. Burdick nővér and I have been watching more of our beloved training videos (you know you are a missionary when you love those things) and the missionaries on the films talk about their struggles. It makes me feel normal that it isn't easy for us. It is strengthening to see that it doesn't mean you are doing a bad job just because things don't always go the way you plan them. It is important for me to work on not getting down on myself and to help others feel good as well. I am doing my best!

My parents are doing a good job of preparing for me to come home. I am both excited for it, and trying to ignore the reality of it at the same time. It is a confusing situation to be in. But its good :)

I love everyone! I love the members.I love the people we meet with. I love my companion. I love the missionaries. I love my friends. I love my family. I love the strangers I see on the bus everyday. I love 'em all! I even love the people that say rude things to us. I don't love that they do it, but I love them. It is a good feeling to look at people and love them. Some days my spirit feels more apathetic and I miss the feeling of loving everyone. It feels good to love people. It hurts when they let you down, but it feels so much better when someone gives you love back. I love love! (Cheesy?) But really I do.

I figure it is OK to be cheesy because I am not a writer, nor do I plan to ever be, so I can break as many literary rules as I please! :)

Wellllll I wish I could write more, but we've gotta be off to other things.

Hungary is wonderful! It is a great place to be!

Sok szeretettel,

Surányi nővér